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Do you tip in restaurants?

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  • It depends on where I go to be honest. Sometimes I feel really patronising if I leave a tip but other times I'll feel rude if I don't!
  • It really depends on many things - service, food, etc. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I do prefer to pay a fair price instead, however.
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  • Yes, I do but only when I like the food. If I am happy with the food then I love to give tip as a gesture of my happy mood and satisfied belly.
  • I don't tend to tip, I've never particular agreed with the concept. We've got into a culture were the customer is expected to directly pay the staff the bonus that should surely be in their salary!
    I do however tip if I've received an above average service, but not for someone doing the standard job.
  • Carl31Carl31 Forumite
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    tipping is an old US custom, the idea being that waiting staff earned their income by providing a good service, this was reflected in their salary paid, and the price charged for the food by the restaurant. Effectively, the majority of the staffs wage came directly from the customer

    we have minimum wage here, and the pricing structure of the restaurant isn't set up the same way, hence its not relevant, but we seemed to have adopted it anyway

    The other thing is, anything given as tips has to be declared as income, so the waiting staff will be taxed on it
  • anotheruseranotheruser Forumite
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    And I don't like those that add it to reciepts automatically.

    I don't get tipped in my job, which isn't particularly high paying - so that's not the "excuse".
  • 20aday20aday Forumite
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    Only if I feel the service/food was good enough otherwise no.

    And if I've seen on MSE or elsewhere companies which keep the tips rather than sharing them out with their employees then it's a MASSIVE no no.
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  • StompaStompa Forumite
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    I have never tipped in my life, and never will. It's a ludicrous custom.
  • glider3560glider3560 Forumite
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    No, I don't tip. I expect service to be carried out correctly and to a high standard, without having to bribe my way to achieve that. In addition, why are certain low wage occupations "tippable" and others not?

    I was recently out for a group dinner in Greece with one American, during a business trip. The bill came to €143. None of the Europeans left a tip. The American was incensed. He said the tip must be at least 15%, so a minimum of €21. No-one obliged. In the end, he left about €16 in loose change, incredibly apologetically to the waitress. She couldn't stop smiling, as the Greeks don't expect any tip to be left.

    Just shows the differences in culture.

  • PasturesNewPasturesNew Forumite
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    One of the issues I've seen when asking this question is that everybody's view on what a restaurant is is different.

    Some people here think that eating at a Wetherspoons once a year is a major treat (I would), while others think 2 visits to the Ivy each year is "normal".

    I'm sure tipping 'etiquette' at a posh place, or a celebrity chef restaurant you've had to book 2 months in advance for .... is different to the tipping etiquette in the local grubby indian restaurant in the back street, or lunch at Wetherspoons.

    In cheap/grubby places you don't get "service".... you get a menu, order the food, it comes. Posher places have a thing called "service" - I've seen it on the telly when that chef with a foreign name took some kids in to teach them the restaurant trade. There's stuff they have to do re drinks, timings, how/what to offer at different points, etc. That's "service" that you don't get when you walk into a Wetherspoons, order a dinner at the bar and it arrives at your table 10 minutes later.
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