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British Gas customers put on most expensive tariff in smart meter error



  • CardiffJohn
    Glad I read about this.

    As I'd had a smart meter installed in July, I checked my account and found that this had apparently happened, as I was supposed to be on the 'Collective Fix Dec 2016', but appeared to be on the standard tariff.
    I rang British Gas to query this, and spoke to a very helpful lady who confirmed that I was on the standard tariff, but it looked as if I had been since mid November '15. Very odd, as I'd received an e-mail on 6th Nov welcoming me to the collective tariff. My direct debit had subsequently reduced, so I'd thought everything had completed as expected.

    I was confused - still am - but was assured that I should be put on /restored to the correct tariff and any excess payments that may have been made should be added to my account in seven days.

    I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
  • topcat638
    On reading the article I checked my bills for the two quarters since our Feb 2016 collective switch. We had a new boiler and smart meter installed in May/Jun. The first bill states "Collective Fix Feb 2017" whilst the second bill says "Standard Tariff". I of course called BG and the lady told me the same that a complaints case would be handled and the rate amended and any refunds apllied. But then she went on to point out that although I had been included in the collective switch in Feb the tariff was still standard from that date also. So although Ive had the email confirmation and its on my bill the discount tariff was never applied

    I believe MSE should advise all switchers of the actual Dual fuel tariffs of the collective deal and to double check there tariffs rates.

    As per other emails I await to see how this will be resolved.
  • birby
    I've also been switched to the standard Electricy tariff after having a smart meter instaled, but my account is even stranger and potentialy more serious than that.

    So in addition to changing my electricty tariff, there are no gas charges on my latest bill at all.
    As a result of this BG think we have been overpaying and have refunded us £200.
    Now I know I will have to repay that £200 as soon as the account it sorted out, but it's possible someone else might assume BG are a competant company who know what they are doing and the refund is genuine.
    Once that money is spent and BG realise their error and come knocking for the cash that person could be in trouble.

    I logged this as an issue with BG on 31 August, they promised to reply within 3 days, which they did by saying they were unable to reply within 3 days - it will now be 10 days!
  • cracker666
    I too have been changed from the collective switch over to standard around the time of the meter swap out.
    The problem is after calling BG my figures don't tally with theirs.
    I'm reworking mine out as it was charged at the correct rate and I'm getting about £100.00 more than the BG person.
    This seems to be crazy ive submitted my spreadsheet to show the amounts.
    Leaves a sour taste.
    I only found out when I was looking for the bills to work out my total for the year.
  • C_Mababejive
    C_Mababejive Posts: 11,661 Forumite
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    Witness what smart metering is really all about. It is about different tarriffs for diferent periods of time. If its freezing cold and you all want your heating on, the rate will go up. Its about smarter grids and balancing supply and demand with minimal buffering. A kind of mega gas and electric stock exchange.
    Feudal Britain needs land reform. 70% of the land is "owned" by 1 % of the population and at least 50% is unregistered (inherited by landed gentry). Thats why your slave box costs so much..
  • skybluearmyontour
    Stupid stupid stupid is how I feel...I found this by luck today.

    Just phoned BG - £160 credited back to me!
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