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22 Foxhole East

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    kerri_gt said:
    Baileys_Babe we have 6 we no longer buy for, plus 5 we still do (can you tell OH is from a family of six lol) , and another 4 children of friends (well i say children, two are now 13 and 16) so really did need to draw a line somewhere.  
    My aunts / uncles stopped buying for me and my cousins at 18 although i do now often buy something for one aunt / uncle and make something home made like a cake or fudge too. 

    If we had more children in the family to buy for we would definitely have put an age limit in place.

    We used to buy gifts for a couple of friends and their children, and them for us, instead we pool the money and have a day out together with each family. We are now more dispersed so we don't get to see each other as much as we used to it this makes it extra special. We have similar tastes which makes it easier and despite some large age gaps between the children they all get on very well.
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