Have I done the wrong thing buying second hand?

Hi all,
My hubby and I are hoping to start trying again for a baby early next year after a M/C in October. Now at the time I was in full panic mode as I saw how much items cost especially prams/car seats etc. My friend whom I have known for a good few years was selling her cosatto travel system (car seat, base,cot,buggy etc) for what I believed to be 1/6th the cost new. And as I know her and know her lifestyle/cleanliness I couldn't see an issue. So we jumped in and brought it (hugely premature I know). However since getting it home I have now begun to notice several issues. First there is an undeniable smell of slightly sour milk to every single piece of fabric alongside a slightly musty/damp smell even though she has washed it all. Also the chassis is chipped and scratched to within an inch of its life and the whole system clearly looks at least second hand maybe even third. I think this was in part due to her not driving so this set has done many road miles I imagine. To top it off there are some suspicious stains on some of the items which have clearly not come off despite washing. I was researching online how to fix these things and then discovered that this should have gone back for a recall due to a potentially faulty folding mechanism. I genuinely don't know what to do these are my options....

1) try and amend what's wrong with it myself before putting it in storage
2) replace parts directly from cosatto with unknown cost
3) take my losses and get rid to buy new when we are actually expecting
4) try and get money back from friend (least favourable option really)

Thank you all
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    Option 4 is a no-no. Too long ago and could jeopardise the friendship to even ask.

    My preference is option 3 but only if you can afford it.

    If you go for option 1, I suggest you ask on the OS board for hints on how to clean and remove the smells. I know that Marley used a power washer on one buggy we got from a charity shop - it soaked it, but soon dried in the sunshine.
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    call the manufacturer and see if they still want to recall it - they may even offer a replacement!
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    I have gone through 4 prams in 2.5 years with my son, a Quinny Speedy I got off ebay for £40, a City Jogger from ebay I got for £80, a mamas and papas pram bought new for £80 and a £20 Hauck pram bought new from Argos.

    Funnily enough the £20 pram has lasted the longest! It's light to push and great for travelling on the bus, but doesn't recline so not so good for when my son is sleeping.

    The mamas and papas is so heavy to push. I sold the Quinny pram. I'm still using the City Jogger, it's a great pram and folds so easily and reclines right back and has a really good hood which comes down over my son when he is sleeping and practically covers him to his feet so he can get a good sleep in the day.
  • If a recall has been issued then I'd be contacting the manufacturer personally.
  • Quick update I have sold the set for half what I paid to a lovely young couple who are aware of the recall (many of their friends have this exact pram). They fully inspected it and are aware of smells/stains/chips etc. They were really enthusiastic about it and are going to be replacing most of it for new so I think they just wanted the chassis and car seat base. Not very money saving of me but I feel better now its gone to a new home who are aware of all its issues and want to fix them
    Love my DMP left to pay £0/ £10162.51 :beer:
    Est DFD 11/2018
    Actual DFD 09/2017
    £2 savers club: number 88 £14 so far!
    Wombling free number 41 £6 so far!!
    Emergency fund £50/£1000
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    Thanks for coming back to update :)
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