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  • Hey it's good to read more updates MeandO - it sounds like you've done loads in a very short time! The large expense will stop eventually! Don't be too downhearted! I think many many people underestimate renovation costs. Us included. :eek:

    How is your son settling at his newish school?

    Have you got a garden? Sometimes that feels more home like sooner than the house IMO ... sorry if I've missed any garden related information.

    Plants and lamps help a place feel cosy. And updating your family photos can increase the homeliness factor... :) or have you already done all that?
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    Thanks For your lovely post Newbiesaver :)

    Yes, I have a really big (to me!) garden which I've been giving some TLC to. I love gardening, although am restricted somewhat with what I can do to this one without spending heaps presently, but it's coming along. I decked a 3m area, bought the wood from a timber merchant and did the work myself so costs were kept to a minimum and we have a nice space to sit outside now. My parents bought me lots of plants too so they have all gone in now and are starting to flourish. I've also planted some veg seeds and they're growing well in my greenhouse/aka the conservatory!

    I've just finished decorating the 3rd bedroom which is a spare room this past weekend and that does look lovely, even though I made a bad job of the wallpapering I've managed to hide it quite well with furniture and paint. :o

    DS is getting on well at the new school and seems to be really happy thanks, which is a relief. He struggles with making new friends and having the confidence to talk to people which is heart wrenching to see, but he does seem to have quite a few little friends there, although no 'besties' like he did at his last school. He really does miss his old friends. I overheard him playing on his own, calling all his toys by his old friends' names last week and he was pretending to go on a trip to see them all, broke my heart a little tbh.
    Anyway, I'm sure in a few more months he'll be fully settled.

    I've started a new diary now, back on the debt free diaries board. I feel a bit of a fraud on here presently as I'm not currently able to make overpayments on my mortgage, but as soon as the last few 'main' bits of expenditure have been paid out and I've saved up a decent enough emergency fund, I'll be back and raring to start paying Is mortgage down. ;)

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