MSE News: Martin's reaction to Brexit

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    I know a guy who's working in Dubai for years and sends money back to wife+kids in the UK. It's happening the world over and is perfectly normal and natural.

    If Dubai had all the financial controllers they needed, and the UK the engineers our companies require, etc., then it wouldn't happen, but you'll always get imbalances.
    I am not a financial adviser and neither do I play one on television. I might occasionally give bad advice but at least it's free.

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    Hi, both my parents are Irish born in Ireland therefore I am classed as an Irish citizen even though I was born in England. They both hold an Irish passport though I hold a British one. I am considering applying for my Irish passport to maintain EU membership. Do you think I am eligible and will I be able to apply for an Irish passport for my children? Plus my husband whos parents are both English, will he be able to apply for an Irish passport as we're married?
    Yes for you, one grandparent born in Ireland or an Irish citizen parent is sufficient, not sure about your husband. The Irish consulate in London has asked for people not to make applications at the moment because of extremely high demand that they can't keep up with. There's plenty of time so you can afford to give them a few months to gear up for the load. There's a FAQ from them for people who are interested in doing this, well worth a read.

    UK citizens also have the right to move to Ireland if they want to, without the restrictions that apply to EU nationals, with similar rights for Irish citizens in the UK. As a British citizen you'd be eligible to health care and social benefits, just like an Irish citizen.

    The Irish government has said that they plan to try to continue this special relationship for British citizens. What this would normally mean is that even a person with no Irish ancestry could move to the Republic of Ireland and become a permanent resident after five years, obtaining Irish and hence EU citizenship that way.
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