MSE News: Vodafone warning – all customers check your bills ASAP for errors

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I've been Money Tipped!
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All Vodafone customers are urged to check their bills for errors after a investigation uncovered huge numbers of problems with billing, incorrect tariffs, customer service and other issues – including some reporting that their credit score has been wrongly hit – following the mobile giant's move to a new billing platform last year...
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'Vodafone warning – all customers check your bills ASAP for errors'
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    May explain why ombudsman services are busy.... 20 working days to read an email.
  • mobilejunkiemobilejunkie Forumite
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    Would take them longer than that to read all the negative threads on here about them.
  • VODAFONE STORY: Incorrect contract end date.

    Short and Sweet. Big fan of the show on BBC5Live – been a member of the site for years.

    Noted the Vodafone issues RE changing service model through your website & podcast. My bill price was ok, didn’t think much of the issue as this was priority. I was bored on the bus home from work, knew I was scheduled for an upgrade, thought I would telephoned 191 to find out when I could upgrade.

    I was told the upgrade was due 1 year after I suspected it was due, checked my own evidence e.g. Emails, bills etc. and was correct I was due an upgrade in 2016, Vodafone claimed 2017. On the telephone they told me I had to prove this for it to be changed, they said there evidence said I was due to upgrade in 2017, this was incorrect. Two heated telephone calls I was no further down the line, told to go into the shop with my evidence for it to change. Told there was no way they could do this over the telephone. ANGRY IS AN UNDERSTMENT, customer of 13 years.

    Heated and angry I tried the online chat route this morning, who confirmed I was correct. My contract end date was July 2016, not 2017. Hours of telephone calls and chat later they confirmed I was correct. Whats important is that I had to ask very specific questions, they avoided answering direct questions and were very evasive. It was important to stick to my guns and press, they were not going to be forthcoming with this.

    Morale of the story, check the contract end date, make sure you don’t throw away contract start and end date information. I am soooooooooooooo annoyed its unbelieveable as I have had to spend nearly 3 hours of my life sorting this out!

    Thank you MSE

    Timothy Grocott

  • ballyblackballyblack Forumite
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    Upgrade ???

    No such thing

    Its just starting another contract, Get a PAC code and select another provider
  • reduxredux Forumite
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    From my understanding of comments by one or two friends, this thread was started about two years late
  • mobilejunkiemobilejunkie Forumite
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    Your friends are wrong. It's a lot longer than two years....
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