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MSE Jenny


  • Wizzbang
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    Evening MSE Jenny

    I have come across a great company that offers services and they are a licensed company, supporting charities and seem new however I was wondering if this would be appropriate to list here or if you can give me some feed back on the company. Its Assured Revenue and I am receiving money each month from them as a share of profits. I am very happy with them and they give support, there seems to be a lot of interest via social network.

    Many thanks


    I'd advise others to approach the above with extreme caution. Very suspicious that this is their first post!!!! Probably SPAM.
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  • dave2319
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    According to their website, you buy advertising campaigns for £500 each and get up to £600 back from each one depending on how many you buy!

    So, spam and scam then!
  • So Dave are you saying its a Scam and I will lose my money?

  • Its nice to see that I have been grouped into a spam category and apparently by joining a group looking for likeminded people to talk about certain situations and then get shot down because its my first post. What a lovely welcome.

    Thank you very much

  • tonycottee
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    So Dave are you saying its a Scam and I will lose my money?


    Yes. They only pay you back the money you give them. You spread the word and more people pay in. Everybody thinks that over the long term you're going to make money. Eventually, they give up paying out money, generally because they can't afford to and have made enough money anyway.
    There is very little chance you will get your money back unless you rope more people in.

    It's called a Ponzi scheme.
  • SailorSam
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    Moneymaker you're posting spam ........ reported.
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  • Its not a Ponzi scheme as I see the campaigns generating money, they are transparent. I am viewing my campaigns actually generate money!! How is this a Ponzi scheme when thats illegal, It seems life is full of scepticism and maybe thats why many people get nowhere in life. I see no faults in this as its licensed and I see the money being made. Very strange how everyone jumps on things in a negative way without seeing the facts.

    Thanks for all your help but frankly its made more determined to stick with it because what I am reading is statements without even looking into detail.

    PS. Sailor sam, find another job as clearly you are no good are reading situations. JOKE!

    Sorry for offending people here but clearly forums are not for me. Thank you for the people that are engaging with real interest however the negative people in life bring everyone and everything down so you cant get ahead in life. I wont tolerate this as its close to abuse.

    And Jenny the guide on boosting your income is very good, well done! :)
  • SailorSam wrote: »
    Moneymaker you're posting spam ........ reported.

    Frankly I think you have taken far too many preservatives, take my advice and leave them alone for some time and you will be fine x

  • dave2319
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    Well, last night I went to the Assured Revenue website and spoke to a very helpful and friendly lady called Sarah in live chat, and I have to say.... sorry Gemma, we got it wrong. As you said, we jumped to conclusions without even looking into the detail. It's not a scam, and you're right, it's not a Ponzi scheme.

    Because we got it completely wrong, I gave her the link to this thread and suggested that someone from their end might want to come and help set the record straight and answer any queries, but in the meantime, from what I gathered...

    Assured Revenue's a sister company to JD7 Media which runs advertising campaigns for major companies like M&S, McDonald's, Amazon, Sony etc. Apparently it could quite happily keep being profitable on its own, but the more funds they have the more profits they can produce, so they created Assured Revenue as a way for the public to effectively invest money into JD7 Media and get a percentage of the profits back, depending on how much they contributed.

    You can invest any increments of £500 and get a percentage back each month.1.2% a month was mentioned, but not sure if it varies depending on your contribution.
    You can choose to withdraw your profit any time after the first month, and you can also get your initial investment back at any time after the first 90 days.

    Obviously I'd still like to do some more research into it, because I'd never even heard of JD7 Media, and of course it would be sensible to do some more homework on them before deciding whether it's a good idea, but I'm thinking this is definitely worthy of further research, and I was far too hasty in my initial comments. Apologies again, Gemma, and thanks for your posts.
  • Its ok Dave and as I said said before, I understand why people may feel it was spam or scam because I'm new but shouldn't jump to conclusions immediately without knowing what it is.

    Thank you for making me feel a little better today as I certainly didn't sleep well last night. I invest into many things but this seems to top them all because I can see whats happening. I can view the live campaigns and I feel safe knowing my money will be paid. Its only been a short while and I am still searching for more info as I go. You are right it has JD7 behind the scenes which made me feel confident.

    Hope your well Dave and if anymore information thats relevant please post here :)

    Best regards

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