Morrisons More card is on its way



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    Much more than any incorrect word usage or over used apostrophes the, widely used, media mispronunciation of 'kilometre' annoys me to the point that I shout at the tv.

    Instead of pronouncing to match kilogram, they pronounce it as kilometer (to match mileometer; a measuring device).
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    The fuel points may be the same but you couldn't use the old card in the cafe.

    Had two meals the other day. We'll only need to eat there every day for the next year and a half to get one meal free.
  • How about this for a radical idea for a loyalty card.

    1p per pound spent, redeemable whenever you like. No through a coupon, voucher, spend £14.87 or more, when you buy a pomegranate, if you want to go to a theme park, no ha ha you redeemed your vouchers last week, but now they they are worth 17x the amount if whatever you are buying is blue.

    Just a straightforward loyalty card.

    Good enough so that the average punter who shops every week, earns enough to cash in at Christmas and ease the shock of the Christmas grocery bill.

    Send me a coupon for a new product i might like - fine, but don't make it so complicated that I feel I am being screwed because I don't plan my shopping to take advantage of 3000 points when I buy the 568g pack of cheese (but not the 600g one)

    : Rant mode off:

    But I'm just sick off it

    And now Waitrose has started........
    Unless it is damaged or discontinued - ignore any discount of over 25%
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