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I recently used Expedia (.co.uk) to book a hotel in Florence for a vacation in September. Using the site was fine, lots of useful info about the hotel and the area ... no problems with that.

My mini-vent is about pricing ... on the hotel results page it told us a price for our booking requirements, and promoted the fact that it was a 25% discount. When we got to the payment page (not changing any of the requirements) the price suddenly went up by £217 ... wiping out almost half of the "25% discount"! :mad:

I called Expedia to query this and was told these were "booking fees and taxes", but they couldn't (or wouldn't) break these down in any way. (I don't mean by value, I mean by "What specific taxes?", "What booking fees?")

Did I pay anyway? Yes.
Did it leave a sour taste regarding the whole experience? Definitely!


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    I last booked a hotel in Moscow for Mrs MbW and I to stay in while we were applying for her visa 2 years ago.

    The address on the website was (and still is last time I checked) wrong. How wrong? Well, they've got "avenue" instead of "alley", and the difference is about 2 miles and 12 quid extra in the taxi.

    I have told them (Expedia) about it but nothing has changed.
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