Quote, misquotes & the truth about my appearance in the ‘Stronger In Europe’ leaflet



  • drape
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    [FONT=&quot]I am just a small business man who has a company and as such each year I have to produce audited accounts that have to be "signed off" by auditors. The EU also have to produce audited accounts each year however it is my understanding that for the past 12 years the auditors have REFUSED to sign off the accounts and thus attest to the accuracy of those accounts. Those auditors have serious misgivings as to the completeness and honesty of the figures. Please note, if I failed to get my accounts audited, even for one year, my Company would be suspended from trading and if the state of affairs continued for a second year we would be struck off and closed down. Why is it that the EU is allowed to continue with complete waste of our hard earned money - I have no doubt whatsoever that the whole EU Operation is riddled with people lining their pockets at our expense and the sooner we rid ourselves of this festering pit of profligacy the better.:j[/FONT]
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    I was able to vote on whether we should join a trading agreement with the EU. That is all.

    Nobody was asked whether we wanted to join something that would dictate our laws and take away our Sovereignty. This has all been done by stealth and should be looked at as the massive con that it is. There is nothing democratic about an organisation that cheats its way into taking control.

    Paying billions into a club that does not produce accounts should set alarm bells ringing.

    Being told that all and sundry can enter this country and be housed ahead of your own children or grandchildren should make you think beyond tomorrow.

    The EU is for big businesses and the wealthy. If you are working hard and managing to make ends meet, they have control of your life.

    Not being told by the majority of the political parties or the media about what is really happening across Europe is absolutely disgraceful.
    Austerity is hitting many countries again and it will cost us even more to stay in and prop up others. The Chancellor is not telling the truth about austerity if we leave. Our (your) contribution to the slush fund will increase if we stay. It will have to, to keep others afloat. More austerity is coming our way whatever the vote - a fact that is already out there, produced by people with far greater insight than the disingenuous George Osborne.

    I am surprised that people who use this site haven't investigated for themselves, as there is so much information available from credible sources all over the internet. Open your eyes and don't rely on what you are being told to think.

    Members of my family and millions of others paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom from dictators.
    The EU is a dictatorship and the ordinary citizens of many European countries have already found this to their cost - and not just in monetary terms.
  • mykingfu
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    I would guess that of the people voting to stay in Europe, around 90% are doing so on the strength of the lies/propaganda/speculation of the government figures often touted on BBC News etc.
    The "leave" campaign produces hard facts and many very good reasons why we should leave the EU, yet almost every "stay" argument is speculation or opinion, mainly based around the economy - when listening to their "arguments" watch out for words like "could", "possibly", "indicate" and "suggest". Being that nobody truly KNOWS how finance will be affected and given the lack of any real facts, anybody should be able to conclude that the stay arguments are extremely weak.
    And even if the scaremongering figures produced by the remain campaign did happen to be close to actual figures after the event, I would like to think that the £18 BILLION (£350 Million a week!) we pay each year towards EU membership would make up for it, as well as the right to protect our own borders, right to have an accountable government, right to make our own laws, right to keep our NHS, and right to control our own trade.

    This will be our last opportunity EVER to leave the EU, so don't waste it because of the hype. Lets take back control.
  • JimmyTheWig
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    wozearly wrote: »
    In the incredibly unlikely event that turned out to be a dead 50-50 split, I imagine somewhere in a referendum document full of legalese it would indicate that the status quo would continue to apply (in this case, Remain).
    There would be a few recounts.
    But the general principle in this country is if the result of an election is tied then the winner is decided by a coin toss / drawing of lots / etc.
  • winplease
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    Whichever 'side' provides the info, count how many times the word 'could' is used. Nobody knows. Awaiting the judgement of Solomon, or should that be Martin? (Plus membership or not will not be the only factor to affecting future UK prosperity).
  • footyguy
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    VT82 wrote: »
    What I really want to know from the government is...

    'If we were not in the EU, would we want to join it given the opportunity?'..

    I think the government, or at least it's leaders in the form of the REMAIN campaign have already told us haven't they?
    (and the other half the government seem to support the LEAVE campaign anyway)

    As I understand it, if we were to LEAVE (or not join in your example) then the following will occur:

    1. World War 3
    2. Financial recession of the kind not seen in the UK since the 1920's (or some suggest the 1980's, but we were already in the EU then)
    3. £40bn in additional austerity cuts, hitting the NHS hard.
    4. Mass unemployment (about 0.5m more than today will be lost immediately, with another 0.5m at severe risk - if we REMAIN an extra 790,000 jobs will be created ... allegedly)
    33% of all international companies will also create fewer UK jobs.
    5. Huge falls in house prices (those wishing to buy presumably would welcome this?), but mortgage costs will rise anyway.
    6. Each family being £4000+ pa worse off
    7. A family holiday for 4 to Spain will cost £240 more
    8. Equal pay for women and other anti-discrimation laws being rescinded (but at least we'll be allowed to buy curved bananas again)

    As far as I can tell, voting to REMAIN (or join in your example) would result in:

    1. Mass immigration especially from the likes of Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey. This will be in addition to the current mass immigation we are experiencing from the likes of Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia.
    2. This will lead to the almost complete failure of the NHS as it will be so overburdoned. (compared to us saving enough money to fund a new, fully staffed NHS hospital every week if we were to LEAVE)
    3. The European Court tearing up any agreement the UK currently has with the EU (in particular our opt-out clauses already negotiated)
    4. The European Courts having complete control on who may enter our country, and take over our own intelligence services.
    This will effectively be an open door for all the violent criminals in Europe to head to the UK
    5. We won't be able to deport dangerous terror suspects.

    I'm sure no one is lying to us, are they? :cool:

    So there's your decision. It looks like curtains for the NHS whichever way you vote.:(

    If you want to die quickly, vote to LEAVE and we'll all be killed off in World War 3

    Otherwise, vote REMAIN and prepare for a slow painful death, with no support from the NHS, dying in abject poverty surrounded by foreign terrorists and violent criminals
    (but at least your family holiday to Spain won't cost any more!)

    "It's make your mind up time, Folks!"

    (Anyone thinking of just emigrating?)
  • BaldacchinoR
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    I wonder how many UK residents are happy about other EU countries accepting migrants, especially from Iraq and Syria, as citizens of those EU countries, thus becoming eligible to live in the UK, and are confident that sufficient checks have been made that none of them are terrorists? I am not confident!
  • Patjan
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    When Martin considers his report, hopefully he will comment on this statement of the European Court of Justice: "Every national court must apply Community law in its entirety and must accordingly set aside any provision of national law which may conflict with it, whether prior to or subsequent to the community rule". British judges have accepted that this means European law takes precedence over our Acts of Parliament.
    And hopefully Martin will also comment on the EU idea of democracy, where the supreme powers of state and government (such as ours) are in the hands of a small body of EU individuals, the Commissioners. They meet in secret and initiate legislative proposals, some of which are put to the Council of Ministers. They are neither democratically elected nor under the direct control of elected politicians. They make decisions by majority vote, and are not accountable to any other body. The Council of Ministers is the law making body of the EU, and also meets in secret, again taking decisions by majority vote. Any decision taken by this Council cannot be overturned by any democratically elected parliament.
    If I may end with my own comment: I would rather suffer some financial loss - if indeed that would really be the case if we left the EU - but regain our sovereignty and judicial independence, to decide how we, the electorate, wish our country to be governed.
  • MSE_Martin
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    I'm well aware that there was ... to indicate that it was taken out.

    However to delete just that bit, the "the quote was accurate" bit, was my problem - there's no space issue ever other word was put in. The fact the quote was accurate was fundamental to what I was saying, to delete it was a material change to the sentiment.
    Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert.
    Please note, answers don't constitute financial advice, it is based on generalised journalistic research. Always ensure any decision is made with regards to your own individual circumstance.
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    After the 'Quote, misquote ..' blog is this:
    'This is an open discussion; anyone can post. Comments may be edited, and are only published during the working day. Please report any spam, illegal, offensive, racist, libellous posts (inc username) to fbteam@moneysavingexpert.com.'
    I used the address, as I suppose it would go to the webmaster (and the site has made it ever more difficult to communicate), to say it was untrue: "But when you click in the comments box, you’re asked to sign in and only after trying to see where did I spot that you had to do it via Facebook. That rules out this ‘anyone’ as I have yet to find a reason to sign up with any ‘social media’ sites. They must gain something by collecting signers’ details, so why is MSE supporting them?" and then "Now I find the same applies to ‘Chancellor writes to lenders’; I have to sign up with something called Disqus."
    But I got two of these messages:
    Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:
    The email address that you entered couldn't be found
    . Check the address and try resending the message. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk.
    Diagnostic information for administrators:
    Generating server: moneysupermarket.com

    #550 5.1.1 RESOLVER.ADR.RecipNotFound; not found ##

    Then, even tho' this is for complaining about a broken link, MSE throws in our face that we won't get a reply giving a working link. It's every bit as bad as banks, govt sites, bbc etc who want our custom but make it as difficult as possible to complain about poor service.
    What's the point of reporting an apparent error if you won't be told if it's been corrected?
    Edit: Curioser and curioser. Now, despite two Delivery failed messages because the server couldn't find its own address, I've had an acknowledgement. I have been promised a response.
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