MSE News: Vodafone to ditch 'Fixed Price Promise' as it unveils 'free roaming' in Eur

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Vodafone is offering 'free roaming' in 40 European countries, although it's ditching its 'Fixed Price Promise' ...
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'Vodafone to ditch 'Fixed Price Promise' as it unveils 'free roaming' in Europe'
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    Oh goody. So, in effect, those of us who don't "roam" will be subsidising those who do.

    The phone companies were never going to lose out on this were they.
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    The ASA will have something to say if the word 'free' is being used to describe this.

    The calls may be 'inclusive' but they are certainly not 'free'.
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    Judging by the protracted Vodafone complaints thread on here I am surprised this affects anyone on here as they would be with a different provider.
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    this is disappointing news. i had gone with vodafone for two reasons. their signal service was excellent and they had their fixed price promise.

    I had been with O2 since 1998 and ditched them due to their rpi price increases and their signal in my home and work locations kept getting worse.

    then i went with three. initially they where very good. but then the same thing happened. their signal dropped and they introduced the rpi price rises just after i have changed contracts.

    now vodafone have jumped on the rpi bandwagon. how long before their signal goes rubbish? :-(
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    'Fixed Price Promise', I guess most are increasing with RPI, can't really blame Vodafone. Just means you will have to endure it if you go for a 2 year deal. At least with a 1 year deal you can move on.
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