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Guide discussion: Backpacker insurance

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Guide discussion: Backpacker insurance

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Overseas Holidays & Travel Planning

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  • flyingkiwiflyingkiwi Forumite
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    Getting affordable travel insurance is a nightmare for me. I live in the UK but often travel to New Zealand for 3-6 months at a time. I have dual citizenship so don't require insurance in NZ. I stay with family so the risk from theft is minimal. I'm entitled to free emergency healthcare while I'm there. Often I only need insurance to cover me from the time I leave the UK, to cover a stopover on the way (usually only a week or so). I then only need insurance again once I leave NZ to cover me until I get back in the UK. The majority of insurance companies won't offer me any cover whatsoever unless I pay for insurance to cover my stay in NZ, which I don't need. Some companies offer expat insurance for one-way travel but they charge exorbitant fees which end up costing the same as or more than the other companies charging for 3 months backpacker insurance.

    It's a nightmare and I hate having to pay for something I don't need or won't use, even in an emergency situation.

    I'd prefer to just pay for an insurance policy that covered me for medical emergencies only. I never travel with valuables and always book the cheapest flights and hotels. If an airline went bust I could easily cover the cost of another flight but if I broke a leg in Singapore I would be in serious financial trouble. Medical cover only would also mean that if I had an accident in NZ, I could get private healthcare instead of using the public health care system for free which I'm entitled to do.

    Is anyone in the same boat as me?
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  • RKTRKT Forumite
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    Dear Team

    What are your minimum requirements for backpacker insurance? I'm curious becuase your prices seem to be at least £120. Using money supermarket I've found insurance that looks like it covers the same things for £49 (£44 with a discount code for signing up on FB).

    It's the 'longstay' insurance policy provided by Go Walkabout, I'd put a link but the system won't let me.

    Am I missing someting vital here?
    I look forward to hearing from you

  • MouschkaMouschka Forumite
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    A relative is going to work in the USA for a few months and as part of the contract had to buy medical insurance.
    Does anyone here know if its possible to buy Travel Insurance without taking the medical cover?

    I have had online chats with two recommended back packer Insurers but they say you have to buy the whole Policy.

    If my relative buys the whole Policy and then does need to claim for medical care will this cause a problem? Will the Insurers focus on who is responsible for paying rather than sorting out the claim?

    Would we be better to go through a broker?

    Any help would be great. Thanks
  • 1kevfp1kevfp Forumite
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    Sorry but I can't think of any reason NOT to take medical cover on travel insurance ( especially for the USA) its got to be the most important part of the cover. Other parts of the cover like jewellry, cameras, clothing etc may well already be covered via their home insurance sections of "all risk / goods away from the home " section
  • richardwrichardw Forumite
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    Mouschka wrote: »
    A relative is going to work in the USA for a few months....

    Are they a backpacker?
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  • MouschkaMouschka Forumite
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    Thanks for responding.

    My relative is going on a working holiday (not backpacking) and has already purchased Medical Cover as a condition of taking the job - sorry I didn't make that entirely clear.
    Nobody should ever consider a trip without it, I agree.

    I want to make sure that other risks are covered but it seems impossible to buy without the medical element - should we consult a broker?
  • dekkarddekkard Forumite
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    A lot of the policies thrown up by a MoneySupermarket search offer backpacker insurance to "UK residents" but their definition of a resident is someone who's NOT been abroad for a period of 6 months in the last year.

    This might rule some people out !
  • Hi team,
    I was wondering if the travel insurance with the Nationwide Flexplus account would be suitable for travelling for 3 months, once the time limit is extended? I am going away for 4 months and the standard time limit is 31 days.
  • W8eW8e Forumite
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    Please let all potential users beware that I have recently experienced a complete lack of response from one of MSEs 'Best Buy' backpacker insurance providers. These are Travel Insurance Agencies ltd trading as travelinsurancedirect. I have sent several emails and made several phone calls all unanswered. I do not think I could trust this company to respond to any claim. MSE should urgently review their recommendation.
  • I recently booked a 3 month trip which has cost over £10,000. However all the travel insurance providers seem to only cover cancellation up to £5,000, with occasional extra to go up to £10,000. Can anyone suggest anyone who will cover for a more expensive trip?
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