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  • Mothershipa
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    Just checking in with todays figure £10 from gumtree sale. I have listed on ebay for the first time today so we will see how that goes. also got some books sold on zapper & Ziffit but haven't competed the trades incase I find more stuff. Running total is £33.75:)
    Proud to be dealing with my debt. :)
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  • lynnejk
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    Evening all and a warm welcome to all the new peoples :hello:
    Well done everyone on all the monies being made already this month :T
    North of corfu..........we went just for a week last September and was so nice booked straight away for a two week stay. A week is just not long enough.
    Sounds idyllic - bet you really looking forward to that, as you seem to work hard every week :)

    Made just £5 on weekly scans and a couple of surveys
    Hope you all have a super Tuesday
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  • Got 34 items onto my "special offer" which expires at midnight - a few of them high value which is good.

    Used turboinserter for the first time to relist a bunch of oldies - but some of them wouldn't go on - said "the item has been deleted" and I could get up the original on TL but couldn't get it back on the flea circus :(

    Now the car has the same electrical fault which cost me all that money last week - a dead repeat of what cost me masses of money a couple of years ago and never did get properly fixed :mad:

    So it's got to go back in Again tomorrow ! :mad:
  • PS all this talk of holidays is really a better way to spend the dosh than repairing xxxxxxg cars :cool:
  • rawdinosaur
    rawdinosaur Posts: 139 Forumite
    Another £50 to add today as a bonus for working the bank holiday.

    I have so much stuff already listed on ebay and yet still have a dining room full of more things to get rid of (my brother moved house and has donated all his old stuff he doesn't want to me). I just want a tidy house again so I hope I manage to shift most of it before I get fed up of the mess and throw it all in the tip/charity bag.
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    Money made on ebay in April: £0
  • Kantankrus_Mare
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    Ok I'm off the starting block with £7.10 tips for today. Working bank holiday on normal pay is naff but thats catering for you. Been so busy as well. Hopefully will be a bit calmer tomorrow.
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  • hummingbird
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    £75 won from a bonus offer on an online games site - off to a good start for the month!
    £10 a day extra in May '18[B]£35/310[
    Virtual Sealed Pot 2018 £500/£2500 = 20%
    You can find my diary here:
  • I hope everyone enjoyed their Bank Holiday weekend. It sounds like some of you, like Kantankrus, had to work:(. I expect most of us were trying to make a bit of extra money in one way or another even if we didn't have to leave the house to do it.

    Some wonderful results posted so far and it's only 3rd of the month. Well done all, keep it up:T

    A big welcome to all the new members:beer:. I hope you'll be very happy and successful with us. Anything you want to know please just ask:)

    Money from a couple of Amazon sales now in my bank account so that's £17.20 to get me out of the blocks:j
  • Kantankrus_Mare
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    Dont feel too sorry for me working.......we live on the east coast and my place of work is a minute walk from the beach. Id rather have the days off when everyone else is at work and get the beach to myself :rotfl:
    Make £10 a Day Feb .....£75.... March... £65......April...£90.....May £20.....June £35.......July £60
  • Aesop
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    7p from qmee,

    can't cash out on slidejoy yet until 18 may

    £1 amazon from instagc
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