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Hi All,

So me and my wife told a little porkie at school in order to get a few extra days holiday on the back of the easter period. Our reason, we had a wedding to attend and my wife is on maternity and we figured that with my daughter being in Reception, missing a few extra days would be ok.

However, it backfired on us with my daughter becoming unwell and unable to travel. as a result, she will need to miss a further 5 days at school.

I have a medical certificate, invoices and all the hospital reports. I presented these to the school and explained the situation. However they are insisting I provide proof of my intention to travel prior to the school opening. they have said they will need to speak to the education officer about this.

Should I be worried? Seems they are over doing this when I have provided the genuine reports etc they require?

Please advise what I should do?


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