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An ex-girlfriend and I have a child. We’re not married, she is not a UK resident. I pay monthly maintenance instalments. Recently I inherited a substantial amount of money. Although I plan to use this to finance my child’s future university fees etc., I am wondering if legally I am obliged to pay any more in maintenance than I do from my monthly salary?


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    You can pay whatever you and your ex agree.
    If you were paying via CMO (CSA as was) you would take into account any income from investment, if you invested the inheritance, but not a proportion of the lump sum itself.

    However, if your ex lives in another country I would expect any maintenance to be paid in accordance with the law in the country where the child is living, not in accordance with UK law.

    In this country, it would be possible for your ex to make an application for a capital lump sum but she would have to satisfy a court that it was appropriate and necessary. It's not a very common application and tends usually to be where the paying parent is asset rich but has little income, or among the super rich, who have a wholly different concept of financial need!
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    Thanks for the reply TBagpuss. I'll look into the law in her country - can't see it being that differnt to here.
  • which country is it?
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    They live in Spain.
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