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I don't know if this is the right place to put this but I need some advice.

This morning we received a letter from Marston Group Limited about the outstanding debt to Severn Trent of £328. It says that they are giving us fair warning that officers are due to attend with removal officers on 18th March. The purpose of the visit is 'to seize and remove sufficient of your goods to satisfy this writ... We have previously advised you that the effect of the writ we hold is to bind your property in your hands from the time the writ is lodged until it is withdrawn. I am under a duty to take control of sufficient property to satisfy the court judgement debt and related costs in the absence of payment voluntarily.' I know that ordinarily I can refuse them entry but does the writ mean they are allowed to force entry?

We have already sent them the no doorstep visits letter back in January which it seems they are ignoring.

I suffer from anxiety problems and cannot usually leave the house but my husband will be at work and I am already panicking about them turning up - I've not even opened the blinds at the front window for weeks because of it. We don't have £300 to pay them with but my husband has a payment plan in place with Severn Trent already. What do I do?


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