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    MSE_Andrea wrote: »
    Nice post enjoyyourshoes!

    Definitely agree!
  • happy35
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    Yes, but it will be very tiring at first. I went back to work 2 days 45 mins each way commute and it worked out fine.

    Working part time did slow but not stop my career progression; although that is also partly due to me not being that interested in promotion for a while.

    I think part time working is a good compromise or it was for me anyway
  • marisco_2
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    Thank you everyone!! Really appreciate your input. *I think* decision made. ( for the person who asked, cCommute would be an hour in peak)

    Role is in marketing and only up until next January so a good *taster* is what I'm thinking.

    Now just need to get my head around leaving my only child in the care of someone else. I have no family to help out so he's not used to being away from me, but he'll probably love it, right?!

    Sounds like a great opportunity for both of you. Does a child good to learn to be fine amongst other adults and to mix with other children from as early an age as possible. Admittedly it wasn't until I had my second that I felt truly comfortable doing this myself. Wished I had done it earlier than I did because he flourished and embraced going to school with no issues at all. Well done you for securing such a fab role
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  • ravilious_fan
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    ....Travel just over 50 miles return (by car) each day including an early nursery drop off for three days work a week if it meant you had £450 leftover after all bills each month?

    Thanks for replies. Commute would take an hour each way. Hours would be 24 over three days. Baby boy is 14 months. New career I would like to get into. Can stay at home however zero savings. Trying to get a mortgage next year so need to save for deposit.

    Not sure whether to keep staying at home, as you don't get the time back with your child, or bite the hand off a new employer who is being very flex and could be the start of a new career once I'm ready to go back full time...

    Many people do leave their very young child in a nursery for 12 hours a day, but personally I wouldn't, unless it were really unavoidable.

    You also need to think about how you are going to manage doing 2 jobs instead of one! (your paid job, and running a home). Brilliant if you have a partner who can go halves with you for the house chores, but it's a rare thing, unfortunately. I think I read somewhere that women do 97% of the housework, even if they work full time.

    I suppose what I'm trying to say, in short, is don't try and spread yourself too thin. :) Or you'll end up tired and snappy at work AND at home. It happens quite a lot, and it's not fair on the mum, the baby, or the work colleagues.
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