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MSE News: TalkTalk's back with a cheap deal - but should you be wary of switching?

Beleaguered broadband provider TalkTalk's offering a seriously cheap line and broadband tariff – the cheapest we've seen in 2016 if you can get the £120 voucher. But it has rock-bottom customer service, should you really switch?
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'TalkTalk's back with the cheapest line and broadband deal we've seen this year - but should you be wary of switching to it?'
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  • Doc_NDoc_N Forumite
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    It may be cheap.

    It may be that TalkTalk's customer service is better than BT's (it is - I've tried both).

    But you can't get away from the fact that the way they've handled their customers' personal data is appalling. Too many breaches, too little done about it, and too late.

    As an ex-customer I'm thoroughly fed up with the number of fraudulent calls I get purporting to be from TalkTalk offering the usual bogus services involving access to my computer so they can fix security problems.

    What's really galling is that these callers have my phone number (ex-directory and never given out unless absolutely necessary), my name, address, and even my TalkTalk account details.

    TalkTalk have done nothing to recompense me for this data breach, they care very little about it, and I strongly suspect it's their own employees and/or contractors that have accessed this data - and they're probably still accessing it for current customers because of poor security.

    I will never return to TalkTalk again - I simply don't trust them with my personal data.

    Think very carefully about your privacy, and the problems its breach will cause, before considering a move to TalkTalk.
  • robin58robin58 Forumite
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    Had some experiences as DOC N above, TalkTalk would be at the bottom of my broadband supplier.

    I would rather go with Virgin who are the better of the two bottom evil companies in my eyes.
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    ragstoragsragstorags Forumite
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    Talk talk are really the worst company i have ever dealt with in my life.
  • sweetcorn12sweetcorn12 Forumite
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    2 months to sort out a new installation, after a missed appointment, had to have a new line installed as they could not take over existing line from BT, useless for answering questions. Can easily spend hours with them without getting anywhere.
    Cannot log into account unless using TT broadband. TT app doesn't work and so with TT mobiles, to get info on usage etc you have to ring them up and WAIT for ages before getting the info.
    I could go on, lets say NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!
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    AnthornAnthorn Forumite
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    Start running in the opposite direction. I've been with Talk Talk for nearly a month now:

    1) No free sim received
    2) No features of online account enabled which declares "You're a bit too quick for us".
    3) Cannot enable caller id which I need. It's done in the online account which is not enabled.
    5) Replies on their forum link to FAQs which I've already read and are no help at all.

    Overall if you only want broadband it's great. But if you also want telephone service beyond the ability to make and receive calls on a landline as I said, start running in the opposite direction. Talk Talk is unable to provide a full telecoms service!

    Personally, I consider my switch to Talk Talk to have been done during a period of temporary insanity! Now I'm stuck for 18 months!
  • matelodavematelodave Forumite
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    I've been a reasonably happy TT customer for several years now, but I got really P''d off when they cranked it up to £37 a month and they are offering better deals for new customers at just over £20.

    Even after extreme hagglinig the best I could manage as an existing customer was an 18 month contract at £26/mo for 12 months increasing to £37/m for the last six months.

    I told them to stuff it and I'm now with SKY for £25/mo for 12 months which includes 24/7 calls to both landline & mobiles.

    Really annoying though that you have to go through this rigmarole every year.
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  • Absolutely useless!
    After months of useless service - very intermittent broadband, unable to download or even view programmes in iplayer, 2 new routers, 2 new filters, conflicting views from BT Open Reach - I have finally escaped to Virgin. DO NOT TOUCH TALKTALK
  • Don't suppose it's possible to blag this voucher by kicking up a fuss and threatening to leave TalkTalk?
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