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$10+ a day Neobux Challenge 2016

edited 22 March 2016 at 2:17PM in Debt-free wannabe challenges
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  • Kantankrus_MareKantankrus_Mare Forumite
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    No nothing taken out yet.......all reinvested.

    I'd like to get to at least 3000 refs before I start to take a long long way off.
    Make £10 a Day Feb .....£75.... March... £65......April...£90.....May £20.....June £35.......July £60
  • :hello: Hi there. How is everyone doing?

    Sorry, I went awol for quite a while there. Mum wasn't keeping great last year, but seems better, for now anyway. Then my aunt died at the end of November. And then there was Christmas which just seems to generate more to do and less time to yourself. And finally was my laptop which was getting worse and worse. Became a total pain, so ended up buying a new one which I got just over a week ago. Got most things I want on the new laptop now. Just bookmarks, photos, etc that I've still to sort out - What to bring over....

    Anyway, thought I'd pop onto this thread just to catch up. I've almost reached 30,000 points. How are you doing on the points KM? I know a few months back we'd virtually the same number of points. I expect to reach the 30,000 points within the week and so get myself another year of golden from points. :D

    I have managed to buy more RR, but still not quite reached my aim of 500RR before stopping buying them for a while. Had to take a break from buying at times when I'd just too many needing renewed. Oh, and then I did accidentally manage to lose another couple that I must have forgotten about with all that was going on (mind probably wasn't quite on neobux).

    Here's my stats:
    RR: 487
    Balance: $5.386
    Points: 29860
    Coins: 442

    So, expect to go over the magic 30,000 points around the weekend (current average of 36 clicks per day).
    And, aim to reach my 500RR on 1st February (assuming I remember to press the buy when I have the option to buy referrals).

    KM - Sounds like you are doing really well with your ultimate pot - Read that you were over half way. Hope things are still progressing as you'd like. When do you aim to reach Ultimate? Suppose it's just as well that you've been transferring over to Golden Pack Balance or I must admit if it was me I'd be awfully tempted by that amount of money just to withdraw it. But as you've been transferring over to Golden Pack Balance, it's all locked away.

    Mike - You definitely seem to be heading in the right direction and trying hard to fully understand how best to do neobux. Not sure that I understand what I'm doing :rotfl:I just sort of muddle along. Let us know if you do manage to figure out how best to do things. Effective recycling is something which I can't really seem to get my head round. There is a definite balance to be found, but that's the struggle - getting it just right.

    Anyway, just thought I'd pop on to say Hi. :hello:
  • Kantankrus_MareKantankrus_Mare Forumite
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    Nice to see you Gromit :D Thought you had maybe got bored but seems life got in the way as happens.:(

    Will be back later with a full report . I reached 30,000 yesterday :j

    Not added a year on as yet but will also do later.
    Make £10 a Day Feb .....£75.... March... £65......April...£90.....May £20.....June £35.......July £60
  • Yeah, life getting in the way can be a pain.

    Well done on reaching 30,000 - Always feels good, though hate it going back down when you add the year of golden on. Still much better than spending money to get golden. :)
  • Kantankrus_MareKantankrus_Mare Forumite
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    Forumite added my year of Golden by spending my 30,000 points and now I am Golden until October 2020 :j

    Clicked a few adprizes earlier and won 100 points so my new points total is.....134.

    My plans for becoming Ultimate by end of April have been a bit too
    ambitious I think. :(

    I have $538 in my ultimate account which is not too bad but I have just had a look..........and I have over 400 that need extending before the end of April :eek: Just cant see how I can do it. I am already extending for 90/150 days.

    Think I maybe need to stop putting into the pot and try to get on top of extending otherwise I could end up in a bit of a pickle and lose some.

    Guess it will have to be October I buy Ultimate instead. Hey ho.

    Well done Gromit on nearly reaching 500...........its supposed to be the sweet point but dont ask me what that means. :rotfl:
    Make £10 a Day Feb .....£75.... March... £65......April...£90.....May £20.....June £35.......July £60
  • Kantankrus_MareKantankrus_Mare Forumite
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    Well my basic calculations tell me that using what I earn daily (around 5 dollars) to extend refs for 150 days will take me 85 days :eek:

    And thats with putting nothing else into the Ultimate pot.

    Guess I need to just soldier on extending and when and if I get a little in front of myself, I will start putting into the Ultimate pot again.

    Gonna be a long old process. My main goal for doing it end of April was because we have a two week hol booked for end of May and would have been nice to not worry about clicking if I had Ultimate in place.

    Never mind..........always said I was in it for the long haul.:cool:
    Make £10 a Day Feb .....£75.... March... £65......April...£90.....May £20.....June £35.......July £60
  • Hi KM :hello:

    Bet it's a good feeling knowing that you have your golden membership sorted until October 2020. Well done!

    I now just need 87 more clicks to reach the magic number of 30,000, so at current rate guessing at sometime Sunday.

    Did also manage to remember to buy another 10RR tonight, so now at 497. Should reach that sweet point of 500 that you speak of next week. Current plan is to sit there for months until I get the extending of RRs well under control before I step over the 500 line.

    Sounds like you have loads of RR needing extended in the next few months. Think you are wise making sure you don't lose any - you'd only curse yourself later. Though it must be very disheartening having slowed down your progress towards ultimate.
    Probably what you need is loads of those mini-ads back. Much as they are a pain the time they take to click, they certainly do add to the funds and so make it much easier when it comes to extending, etc.
    You are doing well though having got as much saved towards ultimate. Very impressive. Ultimate always seems a bit like the holy grail to me and right now I've not even started thinking about it.
    Guess like you said, it it for the long haul....
  • Kantankrus_MareKantankrus_Mare Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper
    I think we need a new thread :rotfl: We are stuck in 2016. Bit confusing for any newcomer, not that we get many. :D

    You are so close to 500. How exciting. :j

    I think I have got a solution to my Ultimate woes.

    I have been having a good look at the diamond package which I have enough funds for.

    It would give me the 15 day holiday mode which Im desperate for.

    Renewing refs is a lot cheaper and instead of the 14 day no click auto recycle, it kicks in at 10 days.

    Not many seem to go for the Diamond though.

    I would stay here for a year putting $2 a day into Ultimate and really get on top of renewing for 240 days and gradually inch up to 1000 refs.

    Hmm....I could do this at the next promo which should be end of March.

    Did a few tasks yesterday earning an extra £1.58 :T
    Make £10 a Day Feb .....£75.... March... £65......April...£90.....May £20.....June £35.......July £60
  • Just reached 30,000 Points :j

    Gold extended until 10th August 2019 :j
    Now Points: 0 :(

    KM - Diamond package sounds like it may well be an option for you as like you said will solve your 15 day holiday.
    At least you thought of an option - Never feels quite so bad when you see a possibility. Let us know if you do decide go down the Diamond route and how it goes...

    Well done on the tasks.:T
    I've hardly done any at all in my time at neobux. Normally can't be bothered with them, so only really tend to look if I urgently need funds to extend and even then rarely see any worth doing, so end up extending for a shorter period than I'd like.

    So, are you going to generate a new thread with a 2018? Or will we just stay in the time warp? :rotfl:
  • Kantankrus_MareKantankrus_Mare Forumite
    6.1K Posts
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper
    Make £10 a Day Feb .....£75.... March... £65......April...£90.....May £20.....June £35.......July £60
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