ideas to save water

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Any ideas to save water?and cut down utility bills?


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    if hes not on a meter.
    connect a hose to your neighbours outside tap and give him afew quid
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    luttapi wrote: »
    Any ideas to save water?and cut down utility bills?

    P don't need continual flushing .
    Reuse water where possible .
    Go to your water company s web site for tips and fittings .
  • Fill a plastic milk bottle with water, put in cistern. Leave lid off, so it is refreshed over time!
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    Tie up the cistern float, so after flushing it won't automatically refill,
    then collect rainwater from downpipe etc. remove cistern lid and fill
    with your free rainwater;
    it works well down in Cornwall, a.k.a "The
    We*t Country", as no doubt the pirate Blackbeard will also attest !

    One can always pee outside in a suitable (compost Heap) spot to save further flushing, subject to suitable conditions, etc. etc. :)
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  • Apart from "if it's yellow let it mellow" etc we use rainwater to flush our downstairs loo which is the one most often used. We have 2 linked water butts outside, small pond pump in one, wire and hose and switch in the loo which we turn on to fill up the cistern. We used to fill up bottles and carry them in so this is luxury compared. It has some downsides ie. if you forget to turn the switch off the cistern overflows. But it does save a lot on water bill ( metered) as water saved for us reduces the amount of sewerage charge as well. In the summer when less rainfall we divert bath/shower water into water butt.
    It just seems to make sense- we don't need to flush the loo with beautifully clean and treated water!
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    You may be entitle to some discount or free product.
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    Keep a bucket in the shower/bath. While waiting for the water to run hot point the shower to the bucket. flush the loo with the bucket. It's amazing how much water is wasted waiting for the shower to run hot.
    Using a 'loose', hand held shower head rather than one you just stand under seems to use less water too.
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