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Hi all, we bout a new home 3 months ago and have yet to move in. In our previous property we were unmetered and we only had one bill. We've moved to a different area (about 20 miles away) and now pay southern water and south east water. The new property is on a meter and I pay about £21 to south east water and £21.60 to southern water. I'd image that must have been similar to what the previous owners were paying. We haven't actually moved in yet as we're doing work on the property, we've not used a great deal or water but I was wondering how often they come and read your meter or am I meant to submit it to them somehow? Also as we've not used much water, will I be in credit? I don't really understand how it all works. I much preferred just paying one flat fee and using what we liked.
Any ideas?


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    Dunno about where you live but we are with Anglian Water for both our water & sewerage, previously with Essex Water Co for water & Anglian for sewerage.

    The water supplier comes and reads the meter once or twice a year and gives the info to the sewerage company and you get a bill from each based on your consumption.

    It's a good idea to check your meter every month so you can get an idea of your consumption and to see if you've got any leaks. Regular reading means that leaks don't get out of control.

    We suddenly had a large increase in our consumption a couple of years ago - we lost around 35cu.m water in a month - left for a year until the next official reading it would have been over 400 and the foundations & drive would have been undermined.

    Checking your own consumption also means that you can ensure that your direct debit reflects your usage so there aren't any big surprise bills at the end of the year. I can send readings into AW if I want to but I've now got DD & consumption matched so I pay £25 a month and they'll owe me around £5 -£10 at the end of the year (31st March for water).
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