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    My OH has gone potty that he works 1 week a year to pay for his mother and I to have coffee and a muffin once a week.

    Far too much money. But I pointed out that he works 6 weeks a year just to smoke. He noted that therefore his smoking is hard-earnt and he therefore deserves it!
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    Climbgirl - we had a long debate about the name

    In many ways its because "The Demotivator" is actually a sexier name than "The Motivator" and it makes people take a look out of intrigue

    And the idea is it demotivates you from spending.

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  • climbgirl wrote: »
    Great tool but I thought the name was kind of strange - shouldn't it be the motivator tool to motivate you to stop wasting money?!?

    I don't need to be demotivated any more than I already am when it comes to money matters!

    climb thats what i though but then i guess it demotivates you from buying that coffee each day/choc/magazine. I guess it works both ways...
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    It made me feel quite ill when I realised how much money I was spending on stuff that I need to cut back on (ie cola and a choccy bar once a week).

    I've sent a link to my friend who over-spends, but admits to needing to cut back. Maybe this will be the thing to demotivate her from buying the unnecessary things.
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    :rolleyes: ste :rotfl:

    What?!?! :p
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    really makes the point seeing it total up the spending even the 35p listings mag a week .....................when I can see info free online why do I bother

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    lemontart wrote: »
    really makes the point seeing it total up the spending even the 35p listings mag a week .....................when I can see info free online why do I bother


    Me as well, i buy the Sun and Mirror everyday when i can read them online. I'll not buy another paper from today.
  • :o I've just worked out I work for 3.7 weeks a year to pay for newspapers, Sky and the odd picture - my main "discretionary" spending! Sound good to me since they make my life much more pleasant! I don't get this idea that spending money on Starbucks/junk food etc is to be avoided. Surely we don't go to work just to pay the mortgage do we? Let's live a little!! And Starbucks coffe tastes better than any I've managed to make in my esspresso machine at home!

    eweytlmoiiyow, I think I knew I was spending a lot on stuff I don't need or that doesn't bring anything to my life. But seeing it in black and white and all added up was quite eye-opening. I'm at least going to try and think before I spend money on 'crap' next time![/quote]
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    Yep, it's a great tool, Martin - it's already put me off renewing my computer magazine subscription. It'll probably put me off going to visit Mrs Mothballs & my in-laws as well, who I haven't seen for 2 years (long story short: she's helping to look after an elderly relative) if I could just figure out to enter my numbers... :D
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  • I'm being really sad here no doubt, but how does it work out how many weeks you need to work a year?
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