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KonMari 2016 - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

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  • Mrs MP I am sure they would love them :) Thats very kind of you.

    Hillside are now closed until March.But the young lady( Who works at Hillside) and her Mum that I know.Do so much animal charity work for many different causes.Live in Shezzer and would be delighted I know they look after rescue hogs.They have a Charity called Birds,Bugs and Beasties they are on FB.If you want to check them out.

    I can always take you to meet them when you are down ;)

    Mav x

    Debt free and Mortgage free thank you to all for your encouragement and advice
    Crazy Clothes challenge £300/£48 and 5 months /0 without spending :T

  • ooh new thread :)

    I haven't been around much recently, Christmas and health etc.

    GQ fantastic progress! Def a gold star for you :p

    Confession time: I have purchased fabric for my home. Not in a profligate way, but its to replace net curtains which are still functional but do not work with the light in the room (bought for my previous flat with blazing sunshine, here they make the room grey and drab) and are a bit tatty, as my cat (as a kitten) used to climb them. So I have peach fine netting to go up instead.

    Incidentally, it's crazy difficult to get peach fabric, its very clearly *not* a fashionable colour atm. Well I don't care, my bedroom is cream with shades of blue, the hints of peach make it warmer while still being restful!

    Cannot for the life of me remember who said about intolerance to mess; I'm getting this. Thankfully mostly only in my own home! Though I did have a nightmare while staying over at the parental home about my old bedroom there - I really want to sort it but keep being disuaded. And no, its not a priority in any practical sense whatsoever but it nags at me.

    I find the fretting over messiness tends to hit late at night or when I'm stressed/crashing. Mood plays a very strong role in this for me.
    I havent read the first book, and prob wont read the second, but the change in mindset is fabulous. My aim is to have everything stored in a way that means I don't have to move other things to get to the items I need - partly to make life easier on high pain days, partly so I dont forget what I have when brain fog hits, and the rest so if I do need help from others, its easy for them to find items. The kitchen, bathroom, and my bedroom are mostly done, the living room keeps nagging me to do *something* christmas decs arent helping me to see what it is that needs done. Something just doesnt feel right!
    :AStarting again on my own this time!! - Defective flylady! :A
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    Our library has added her books to the "suggested" reading lists - so no cost there and it's easy enough to jot down the key points.

    There's loads of folding and whatnot tutorials on you tube too.

    My one sanctuary is our bedroom , it's minimal, off white and so very relaxing. We both sleep better in it. It's a joyous space.

    Back to the folding, it gets easier and I iron a lot less. There's nothing in mt wardrobe I don't love. Getting ready for work is simple and I love all I wear.

    Go for baby steps as suggested by book one and you may just adore it x
  • Thank you Greent for the new shiny thread. I did read all of the old thread late October and did do some Kondoing but stopped over Christmas. Finding it a little hard to start again but the deccies are down.
    For the newbies -what have I learnt so far? It is helping me more with control, cleaning is quicker, I can lay my hand on anything within seconds on the Kondod parts. The place feels bigger as there is more space.
    Don't get me wrong I have a lot yet to do! A tangible method giving intangible results.....
    Take care x
  • greentigergreentiger Forumite
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    Lovely and tidy in here!

    Grey Queen, my Latin's very rusty but veni, vidi, eradici may be what you're looking for. Veni, vidi - definitely correct.
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    VJsmum wrote: »
    Awesome thanks for the new thread.

    The chazzer got some non joyful boots and a never used camera tripod - 10 years old and mint in the box. Plus a rucksack full of gubbins.

    Oops, I read that as 'a rucksack full of goblins' :rotfl:
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    I used to dip into, and enjoy, the original thread and i've watched loads of videos of this method online. I've bit the bullet and just ordered the book. :j

    Something needs to be done as I feel as if i'm being suffocated. I'm not one for usually doing new year resolutions as they normally fall by the wayside and make you feel more inadequate than ever :rotfl: But I feel like it's a good time to start, and I love the positivity of the book and of everyone who takes part here. So, hello! :wave:
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    Hi JackieB:wave: saw your post when I got up to make a cuppa
    I'm having an insomnia night. That said I get less of them now I'm sure it's will being Kondoed
    Welcome to the thread you won't regret it one bit
    It can be a bit distruptive and daunting at first but you get there in the end. Life is so much easier with less and it has a knock on effect in other areas of your life. My day is more structured I am no longer spending as much money or time looking for things. I went on to drastically cut my wardrobe down to a minimilist very basic capsule wardrobe I only have a 2ft rail. Lots of accessories though to change the look. Nobody has notices probably don't care. A good place to start is clothing. Most tackle their knicker drawer! I don't think I will buy the new book I have the first cant see how it will be different
    Let us know how you are doing and good luck
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  • aliwalialiwali Forumite
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    Hi all, I have just finished reading the book. It's really very amusing and worth a read. She suggests 6 months should do a thorough clearance so I'm going to start tomorrow and I'll be done by the summer holidays!!!

    Someone said above about an intolerance to mess, I really need to get that, I'm desperate to get that!! Look forward to joining you all.
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    I lost my darling husband in August 2014 and my mum just 7 months later. Sorting Through their effects has been a marathon. Still not finished. There are some items that I have been very undecided about. I know it sounds daft but I have been experiencing feelings of guilt over some of the items but I know it's better to release them rather than have them stuffed away in cupboards.

    Deep down I Know I will feel better when it's all done. My aim is to be completely finished by the end of 2016.

    Onwards and upwards.

    It doesn't sound daft at all. When I get similar feelings of guilt about giving away sentimental things, I try to think about them floating about in the world giving joy to others (because they are unable to bring joy to me) and that makes me feel somewhat better. Now I sound daft!

    GreyQueen sounds like you're doing a wonderful job. I'd love to help our my mother in law in the same way but FIL is a hoarder and gets in the way so I have to sneak things off behind his back sometimes (like carrier bags full of champagne corks...I kid you not) :rotfl: Not very KM as she disapproves of this sort of sneaky behaviour...
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