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KonMari 2016 - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

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  • Knit_WitchKnit_Witch Forumite
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    Also now in the fb group :D, oh and at the moment all I am Kondoing are tissues and mugs of tea!
    Must use my stash up!
  • grandmasamgrandmasam Forumite
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    Long time lurker here. I've been following and love reading everyone's journey on the KM road!

    Thanks for the shiny new thread greent, and also the link to the fb group,for which I've just been approved, every little helps, as the ad says!!

    Saving for another hound :j
    :staradmin from Sue-UU
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  • MandM90MandM90 Forumite
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    I've pretty much finished KonMari'ing, in that there are no more big clear outs to do but I do find it a continuous process (and struggle against well meaning grandparents who love to buy pink plastic!)

    Just had an OSer pop up on my FB newsfeed on the UK KM group which is nice!

    One thing I do struggle with particularly is DDs grandmother who constantly buys her new clothes and toys. I've made it quite clear I hate clutter and she knows I have a tiny house but the stuff keeps arriving, and DD gets distressed when I suggest chucking any of it and "tells" on me!!!
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  • lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Thank you so much for the new thread and all the links at the beginning.

    U.K. American - thank you for your inspiring post about "closure". Reading it was very timely for me.

    I lost my darling husband in August 2014 and my mum just 7 months later. Sorting Through their effects has been a marathon. Still not finished. There are some items that I have been very undecided about. I know it sounds daft but I have been experiencing feelings of guilt over some of the items but I know it's better to release them rather than have them stuffed away in cupboards.

    Deep down I Know I will feel better when it's all done. My aim is to be completely finished by the end of 2016.

    Onwards and upwards.
  • msgnomeymsgnomey Forumite
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    I have a confession to make

    On Christmas eve I looked at DDs present pile and thought OMG not enough, no stocking fillers, so I dashed into town and ALMOST filled a bag with tat, BUT I managed to find enough consumables and useful things to fill a stocking. Lip salve, hair bobbles, fold up hair brush etc


    I did promise myself that there would be no more mad panic buying at 4.30pm on Christmas Eve
    Go hopefully into each new day, enjoy something from every day no matter how small, you never know when it will be your last
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    jinnyjinny Forumite
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    edited 30 December 2015 at 8:22PM
    Lovely new thread lets hope we get more Konverts in the new year
    I think the old thread really started by the op as a discussion about the book. I'm so glad I clicked on the link. I had that much stuff I didn't even realise I had already bought the book. I discovered this when I tried to buy it again on kindle!:o
    There were links to vids on yoo toob to get the jist and a pininterest board was set up.
    I think you have to read the book to get hooked on this magic
    It's been said before iits like you get hypnotised.
    I don't do Facebook but it's good that people will get inspired on there.
    Thank you for the first post on the new thread. It's very encouraging
    Just think we about to kondo 2015 so good luck and if you keep following the thread for inspiration your 2016 will truelly be magical and life changing.

    Edit just to say I haven't spent any money in the shops since 23rd December
    That's got to be a record for me. I didn't get a lot in groceries I literally had to go out today for supplies. Love me no spend days
    ”Pour yourself a drink, (tea for me now)
    Put on some lipstick
    and pull yourself together”
    - Elizabeth Taylor
  • weesmilerweesmiler Forumite
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    Thank you greent for the new thread. I posted occasionally last year, but will aim to be more active on the thread in the new year :) I am very slowly kondoing categories around the house, but am limited to my wee one's nap times! I return to work in April when my maternity leave finishes and I would like to be finished kondoing by then.

    I'm also on the Facebook group :)

    I must admit, I have been sales shopping. I love to shop and have a lot of clothes, but I have become very aware of what brings me joy and what doesn't. I have bought all of my DS's clothes/vest/sleepsuits in the next size up - all half price, and a couple of items for my return to work. I will be returning to a slight promotion and will be more office based, so a couple of smarter items were needed. I have all of my Christmas cards and wrapping paper for next year and plenty of the toiletries I love to last me a while.

    Here's to a very joyful 2016 for all of us!!

    Weesmiler xx
    All you need is less
  • jinnyjinny Forumite
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    Just spotted the links for donations that's fantastic thank you so much.
    ”Pour yourself a drink, (tea for me now)
    Put on some lipstick
    and pull yourself together”
    - Elizabeth Taylor
  • Thanks for the new thread greens. I started my kondo journey last January. It is still not finished as real life got in the way but like so many people on here, I have done a lot. Clothes generally bring me joy- more functional than beautiful but better than being naked.

    The really wonderful thing is that the rest of the family are sort of on board. Hopefully, this year we will get to my vision of a tidy well organised home that I feel happy for the gas man to wander around poking radiators.

    Good luck to everyone on their journey this year.
    De cluttering Konvert.
    Getting there

    Finding a new home under all the STUFF!
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    jinnyjinny Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper Combo Breaker
    edited 30 December 2015 at 9:01PM
    Drusilla I so identify with the gas man thing
    Being Kondoed for me - no more not opening the door cos I was too embarrassed at the clutter in my kitchen.
    Especially under the sink that had stuff rammed underneath the sink where the meter is. I'm still not keen on folks just knocking on my door even family. It's to do with my anxiety but if they say they are on the way I'm fine with that now. I know the old saying folks should take you as you are or they know where the door is but I used to feel anxious when I got visitors. No more Got MK to thank for that.
    I read a book once about organising and the two ladies that wrote it
    Said they had Cant have anyone over syndrome or CHAOS for short.
    That was me:(
    ”Pour yourself a drink, (tea for me now)
    Put on some lipstick
    and pull yourself together”
    - Elizabeth Taylor
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