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I had services supplied at my previous address for about 18 months for broadband. I added tv and phone but about 6 months later i needed to move property. Unfortunately this was out of my control and when i tried to transfer my services virgin media tried to apply £245 in early termination fees as i had started a new contract. I was not made aware of a new contract however i decided to closely look at the terms and conditions. In summary the sections that refers to moving home (section k) says if you move home and they dont supply the service you need to pay an early termiantion fee under section J (cancelling the service) however section J refers you back to section k meaning these make a circular. Furthermore when in section k it refers to the amount of their charges and there is a link however this simply takes you to the birgin media online shop and therefore not to the charges calculator.
According to OFCOM early termination charges apply if this it is made clear you will need to pay one at the onset of the signing of the contract and that it is perfectly clear wjat the charges will be. As the virgin media terms and conditions satisfy neither point then the early cancellation fees are unenforceable. I challenged this with virginmedia initially who tried to avoid answering the issues. There record keeping was shocking, contradicting every communication with the next one and could not provide a breakdown of how the charges were worked out (if they cant work it out neither could i) and they provided me with no less than 7 different figures for this. I ended up taking the matter to cisas (the industry adjudicator that virgin media are signed up to) and they have upheld my compliant that the terms and conditions Are unear and unenforceable. It took some time arguing with virgin media but this is important for consumers.


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    I thought you only had to pay a termination fee if you asked for the service to be ended during minimum term or without notice, but including the situation where you move to an area where they can't provide a service (as the move is your choice and beyond their control).

    I, also, assumed that moving the service involved a further commitment timewise, but did not constitute the ending of your contract, so was not termination.
  • Did you get your money back? We are in same position - moving to a house where it isn't available and Virgin want to charge us £240. Are we best paying it and then complaining? Do you mind telling us what we have to say re: terms and conditions being unclear? Much appreciated! :):)
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    See multiple identical questions weekly on the board .
    Answer is you have a contract at X address if you decide to end that contract early you pay the ISPs termination fees .The ISP can supply the service as per the contract but you choose to move .
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