Bt issue - please help, need advice

I have been with bt for 2 years and never had an issue until a family moved into the flat underneath us in November. Due to not getting the relevant letters stating someone was talking over the line in time and working in retail, my flatmate and I were unable to stop it and bt cut us off.

I called up immediately, explained the above and that it should be two lines for both flats and they've cut ours, to which I was told sorry and that they can process a new order and get that fixed for me. Date I was given was 16th, 14th hub arrived, 16th no internet, 17th no internet so called up asking what is going on. Got an answer of, you are not with bt, so I explained what had happened and was told that the issue is because of it being flats and they would call me back on the 21st. Got a call on that day asking me if I had cancelled my other carrier... as you can probably tell my patience was very thin by now. So I once again explained what had happened to which they once again told me the issue is to do with it being flats, that they will sort it and get mine back on for Christmas day.

Christmas day came, still no internet. So I called them back up yesterday asking what is going on. They told me I'm not with them and need to cancel my other carrier, to which I explained what had happened again and that I had been told bt would be getting my flats line back up and get me back online. The reply I got was "no, we can't do that." I then stated back to her that because the flat underneath have the line that I used to have I can't have internet, even though these have been flats for years and that bt couldn't put a separate line in for my flat, even though the previous two advisors had told me that could happen, that she was saying that bt had lied to me. The answer I got was a straight no, they can't help me at all.

I need help, this doesn't sound right at all. For two advisors to say yes, a line can be activated to my flat for the last advisor to say a flat out no, and to dismiss me when I questioned it, there has to be something wrong. I have asked to speak to their complaints department (still waiting to be contacted back) but was wondering if anyone else has had this issue or similar, or if anyone in the know can help me on what to do.

Thank you.


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