Severn Trent water - supply leak

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Hoping someone here can offer some advice.

After having a water meter fitted I had my first bill for approx 6 weeks worth of water, which came in at £202. I live alone so immediately knew something was wrong.

Severn Trent have been out and confirmed there is a leak in my outside supply pipe somewhere. They are going to come and dig around the meter (on the pavement) up to my boundary to see if the leak is on public land, but as this is only a couple of feet distance I am less than hopeful. The likelihood is that the leak will be on my property, under the something like 15 metres of paved driveway between the boundary and where the supply enters the property.

It seems that Severn Trent have changed their policy and no longer perform one repair for free, so I am on my own. I do have trace and access cover, but repair work is only covered for accidental damage (but not as a result of renovations or alterations to your property....Not entirely sure what other kind of accidental damage can occur to an underground supply!!) I have asked the question in the insurance forum on here, and been given the advice that insurers are unlikely to cover me and that my premiums would go up just by asking!

So my question is, who on earth do I get out to carry out repair work. Plumbers? Some kind of specialists? Will they have to dig up the whole drive or is there some kind of fancy gizmo that can detect where the leak is?

I have a nasty feeling this will be very expensive! I had been saving for a new bathroom but I think that may have just gone out the window. Bah humbug.

(Edited to add: I know there are several threads on here regarding leaks in supply pipes, but none seem to answer my questions. Happy if folk can direct me to anywhere the questions have already been answered)


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    I wasn't aware they had changed their policy.

    It depends how the term 'Excavations' is interpreted. ST themselves carry out repairs on repayment.
  • Cardew wrote: »
    I wasn't aware they had changed their policy.

    It depends how the term 'Excavations' is interpreted. ST themselves carry out repairs on repayment.

    Three different chaps from Severn Trent who have been out to my property so far have told me that they 'used to do one free repair' but that the policy had recently changed and they don't do them any more. They can quote me to do the work (along with other contractors), but there is nothing done gratis or subsidised anymore :(
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    I think, in theory, you are allowed to fix it yourself but would probably be better off getting quotes from groundwork's contractors.

    If you google 'groundworks water supply repair' you will see that there are lots of companies specializing in this type of service.

    Just a thought... have you checked with your insurer if they will cover or contribute to the repair.
  • I've found a company who will come out and replace the whole 10m of supply pipe from the pavement to my house for £700 so I'm going with that. I'm not going to claim on insurance - once excesses and exclusions and premium rises are taken into account I really don't think it's worth it - especially as my policy is due to renew in a week!
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    In a similar predicament. Unfortunately I had a repair done by the insurance companies "preferred" company Auger at a cost of £810 and ST still say theres a leak. They have agreed to recheck their repair but won't check the rest of the pipe nor would they replace the pipe as it is lead. What company did you go with as I may need to find another company?
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