Anglian Water Say New Tariff is Better for me?

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Hello everybody. Any replies would be more than welcome.

First of all I've always been on Anglian Waters standard tarrif. I'm on a Water Meter. Water supply standing charge per annum £29 charge per cubic meter £1.4608 Sewerage services per annum £86 charge per cubic metre £1.5775

I was using lots more water than normal and my bills were going up every quarter (I had a leak but didn't know, I will explain this later on).

They said I would be better off on there Aquacare Plus tarriff as I'm also on a low income. So when another high bill came in in Sept they changed me to this tarrif.

The charges were water supply standing charge per year £86 charge per cubic metre £0.7008. Sewerage service charges per year £150. Charge per cubic meter £0.6294.

From 2013 to 2014 annual bill was £300 or just under
From 2014 to 2015 annual bill was £444.65.

From Dec 2015 I found a leak, my fault, in my property (shower leaking down hose straight into bath plughole so was undetected. Anyway Anglian Water said I was entitled to a one off leakage allowance.

I got the bill in for Dec and that was high, but had the leak sorted. Im getting a refund of £88 but I'm not sure what tariff they've worked this out on as I was on the Aquacare Plus tariff for only 3months and obviously the water usage price is cheaper. So even though my bill has risen from £300 to £444 I've only been given a £88 refund.

Also theyve told me it will be best for me to stay on this tarriff even though the standing charges are higher and I will be using a lot less water

They insisted this tarriff is the best for me being on a low income. But how can it be now?

Sorry for the long post. Oh and I live in a 2 bed flat. On a water meter, there's only me and I occasionally have baths but mainly 95% of the time have showers. 5 to 7 a week, 1 or 2 washing machine loads a week, no dishwasher. Normal loo flushes ( with a push button loo, one setting short flush, other setting long flush. Not flushed for number 1s all the time ;-). No garden, car washed at home rarely (maybe twice a year, other times washed by car cleaners. No hose pipe usage either.

Can anyone advise me what to do...
Can I change back to the standard tarriff, am I entitled to more of a refund...any replies welcome.


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    Start reading the meter yourself at least monthly to find out how much water you actually use - the usual estimate is around 55cum per person per year. You'll also notice if your consumption suddenly changes thus allowing you to identify leaks or problems before they start costing you money.

    so for the normal tariff 55cum would cost around £282 per annum. The same amount on Aquacare would work out at about £309 so you'd be cheaper reverting back to the standard tariff, especially if you don't use 55cu.m a year (approx. 1cu.m a week).

    I'd guess that AW would only credit you with the estimated loss based on tariff in force at the time - which is probably Aquacare in your case.
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    Thank you for the reply.
    I think exactly the same as you, so I rang Anglian Water first thing and they still think that the Aquasure Tarrif is best.
    So I asked them to go back to my bills of 2013 where I was on the standard tarrif, and yes these bills were lower.

    I have now been asked to submit another reading at the end of the week to see if I'm using less water (which I will be as far as I'm concerned). Then and only after then will they change me back to the standard tariff if my readings are lower of course.

    They said the aquasure tariff is cheaper, I said not as a single person, low water usage as your standing charge is £121 more per year. They also did the refund on the Aquasure tariff saying that this was the tariff I've been on since 2014. It seems to me instead of part billing me up to Sept 2015 on the Standard tariff then after Sept to Dec 2015 on the Aquasure tariff they've gone back over a year using the Aquasure tariff :doh:

    I'm now going to sit here and workout whether the refund was fair...
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