Fellow tradespeople - what do you think of this job?



  • teneightyteneighty Forumite
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    It is quite "rustic" the bed joints and perps are a bit irregular and the coursing doesn't match the adjoining wall but it depends if the brickie was going for a rustic look to suit a period property.

    As others have said the arrises are nice and crisp so it looks like it was deliberate "rough" bricklaying.

    It always looks worse before it is pointed.
  • martinsurreymartinsurrey Forumite
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    looking at the arch and the corners I think its a brilliant job, of matching existing.

    Being a good brickie is hard, being a good brickie and matching a bad one is even harder.
  • chapperschappers Forumite
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    If we are talking about the quality of the bricklaying, then it's pretty well spot on, I assume they are matching the bond below , hence all the closers
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