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The "Save 12k in 2016" Thread!

edited 31 July 2016 at 9:34PM in Savings & Investments
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  • Hello :j

    Please sign me up for £4000
    anything over this will be a bonus for me and hubby!

  • bsms1147bsms1147 Forumite
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    Hairpin wrote: »
    I've been waiting for this thread so I can make my first post!
    Slowlyfading please can I be put down for £12,000, aiming very high but have to start somewhere!
    Good first post. Welcome, good luck and all the best.
  • cathybirdcathybird Forumite
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    Hairpin wrote: »
    I've been waiting for this thread so I can make my first post!
    Slowlyfading please can I be put down for £12,000, aiming very high but have to start somewhere!

    Yes welcome Hairpin - I've found this savings challenge incredibly helpful and hope you will too - it is such a good bunch on here and Slowlyfading is a complete star for creating and running it :)
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  • Hi, I would like to join please. My target is £12,000 for 2016.
    Save 12k in 2016 - #043: £12,000
    Amount saved: £0.00
  • Hi Slowly Fading,

    Can you please sign me up for the 2016 challenge. I would like the goal to be £30,000.

    Thanks so much!
    Save 12,000 in 2017 (48)

    Total so far: £7,000
    Goal: £50,000

    I'm trying to remember to pay my future self first!
  • darkidoedarkidoe Forumite
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    Nationwide Current account users! Get a headstart and start maximising your savings. Nationwide just released a 5% regular saver that lets you save £500pcm!

    Check out this thread here too!

    Time to gear up the savings automaton!

    Save 12K in 2020 # 38 £0/£20,000
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    george4064george4064 Forumite
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    edited 2 December 2015 at 12:37AM
    I would like to join please, please set my target at £12,000.

    At the present moment that is quite ambitious, but I'm hoping/expecting a pay rise in 2016 so I'm positive that the target is achievable!

    Thanks in advance for running such a great idea SF :)
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    Save £12k in 2019 - #007 £11,720 (98%)
    Save £12k in 2020 - #021 £9,067 (60%)
  • enthusiasticsaverenthusiasticsaver Forumite, Board Guide
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    Thanks for running this again SF. I was #25 on the 2015 thread and am hoping to reach target on payday����

    I am aiming for £15000 for 2016. Will be aiming to save In the following accounts

    £500 per month in stocks and shares isa £6000
    £500 per month in new Nationwide Flexclusive regular saver @ 5% opened yesterday
    £250 per month in TSB regular saver opened in November so that will finish November 2016.

    So a total of £1250 per month. Going to be tough!!!
    Early retired in December 2017

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  • letThemPlayletThemPlay Forumite
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    I would like to join again; my target is going to be lower this year as I can't afford to save as much but my target is going to be £2000.
    # 047 'Save 12K in 2019' - £6,346.86 / £12,000 55.89%
    # 074 'Save 12K in 2015' - £4,379.25 / £4,000 109.48%
  • Could I please join in with a small target of £1200?

    It's a small amount but represents 10% of my current annual income.
    Grocery challenge 2017 January £158.74/£200
    Grocery challenge February £100.91/£190
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