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Avro Energy reviews: Give your feedback

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  • Today I received the email from MSE to tell me about the latest 'collective' deal negotiated with British Gas which MSE say is "cheaper than the cheapest". I am with AVRO on a dual fuel tariff and after checking the comparison the "cheaper than the cheapest" offer would cost me £130 pa more than my present deal.

    My relationship with AVRO has always been good. The website is clear, functional, and fast and email works well too. And for me (20000 kwh pa) it's £130 pa cheaper than the 'cheaper than the cheapest'!

    What's not to like? :)
  • KingS6KingS6 Forumite
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    Limeyard wrote: »
    What's not to like? :)

    That you're a brand new poster and this is your first post.

    I do often wonder how many people are being shills to promote companies on the boards. Pop up out of nowhere, one glowing review about a company and then never to be heard from again. Plus it's switching season due to a lot of collective switches happening at the moment so Avro and the likes will be drumming up business.

    Please prove me wrong.
  • zaaxzaax Forumite
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    Still waiting Avro to tell Flow the final reading which I told them at the start (2nd) of the month.
    Do you want your money back, and a bit more, search for 'money claim online' - They don't like it up 'em Captain Mainwaring
  • After reading previous postings on this thread I'm surprised by all the negative comments and would suggest that when incorrect readings and estimates are reported, that's down to PREVIOUS energy supplier
    Hello! Welcome to the forums, we're glad your here.

    I'm sorry, but I disagree. I work in the energy industry, and I don't think your understanding is correct here.

    The issue actually lies with Avro for incorrect start readings, not the old supplier.

    The Gain Transfer Reads are the responsibility of the new supplier. A customer should not have to supply transfer reads to the old supplier, but rather within the SSD (Supply Start Date Window) the customer should supply transfer readings to there new supplier. This will then be sent to (often an independent) data-collector, who will verify the transfer (start) readings against the meter read history, and either accept or deem an alternative start reading.

    Blaming the old supplier isn't correct. It may be the old supplier doesn't have a good meter reading history, but then the new supplier should follow the Underpin/Disputed Read Process if the estimated reading is incorrect.

    I'm so sorry to jump in, and I know your new, but I just wanted to put things clear. That said, I'm not always right, and I'd be happy to stand corrected if you know more than I do.

    You seem to know a lot about Avro (Main Office, Opening Hours) so please do continue to share with us. Please do remember the boards impartiality requirements however.

    It's really good to hear there are other energy firms which provide a level of service that exceeds E.ON, which I would dare to say are on of the better of the big six for service. :)

    (I don't work or have any interest in E.ON, but have a lot of respect for them from my industry dealings and also there assistance here over the years on the forums). Again, if I'm wrong on anything here (I'm posting at 02:08 Dubai Time) I'm happy to be corrected.
    Thank you all for helping me make my day by saving money!
  • Andy-GardnerAndy-Gardner Forumite
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    I switched a year ago and feel the need to share the following:

    1. The company is never in contact with you, no reminders for meter readings, they don't email you monthly statements, nothing.
    2. They set the monthly payments very high compared to annual usage with the promise that they will reduce them when they have built up a picture of your usage.... They don't.
    3. I Logged on infrequently to fill in my meter readings and after 1 year I had amassed £960 in credit. My annual dual fuel usage is £1700.
    4. I asked them to refund the over-payment and reduce the monthly payments. They offered to refund £350 and reduce payments to £150. This means that they would hold onto £600 of my money and add an extra £10 per month to the balance. My annual usage divided by 12 means that I should pay £141.60 per month.
    5. Several phone calls and the manager was unwilling to change his stance, so I have switched. Now I wait and see if they will refund the money they owe me.

    It's very easy to be cheaper than everyone else if every customer is in credit to this magnitude....beware and check your account regularly.
  • OscargrouchOscargrouch Forumite
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    I have been with 'Avro' since 14th Sept. 2016. To date, I have always found them very helpful, the 'Avro Hub' is simple to navigate and check to see that you are being billed correctly. I have only had 1 bill; 14th Sept. - 30th. Sept. I shall enter my present reading on the site on the 1st. of November; my bill for the whole month of October, will no doubt, be visible within a few days of Nov. I would from my short experience, have no hesitation in recommending 'Avro Energy'; so far my experience has been worth 5 stars !
    2.5 kWp PV system, SSW facing, 45 Deg Roof. ABB Inverter, Monitor: 'Wattson'.
    Reg. for FIT Nov 2011. "It's not what you generate; it's how you use it that matters". One very clean Vauxhall Diesel Sri, £30.00 Road Tax: B)

    Definition of 'O's = kWh/kWp (kWh = your daily & accurate Generation figure) (kWp = the rated output of your PV Panels).
  • cranfordcranford Forumite
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    I have been with Avro since April 2016 and entered reading on the monthly anniversary of date of joining but this does not trigger bills. Since the beginning of October they have gone over to monthly billing. I have received two catch up bills that have used my readings and estimates although the estimates are very accurate. My only niggles are the fact that they do not email you when the bills have been produced neither do they ask for readings. Maybe this will change when the monthly billing gets into its stride.
    They seem to have a problem in including the latest DD when they bill, even 10 days after the DD date the latest DD has not been included in the lsat bill. I hope this is not a ploy so that the total paid is not included in the reconciliation bill.
  • HumpHump Forumite
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    I switched in March 2016 and have submitted monthly readings having gotten into the habit with ovo previously. Having just banked my co-op energy compensation I can comment with some experience behind me to date of how things should not be done. Let me start by saying that I have not tried to leave, get a refund of credit nor change my DD - hence perhaps it's been different for me compared to other contributers. My experience is very positive, everything went as it should and I am very happy. It is 'no frills', so I really wasn't expecting anything great, but it's done exactly what it says on the tin ��
  • I switched to Avro Energy in September 2016. It was a quick and easy switch with no problems. I have only contacted Avro once since then, by email, and they replied very quickly and answered my question.
    Also, contrary to some previous comments, they do send email reminders periodically to request meter readings. (That could be a recent innovation in response to customer comments).
    In all, switching to Avro was a lot easier than trying to post a comment on this site, which has been down for days!
  • maisie_catmaisie_cat Forumite
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    I switched to Avro last night because Flow increaed my tariff by 9.5% and having logged onto their website today I've found that the tariff is different adding £50 a year to the bill. Is the MSE data wrong? I put both tariffs into my spreadsheet and neither give the same answer as the MSE comparator so I'm confused
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