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    A lot of people and nurserys have told me that many young children don't cope with going one day a week. It's too long a gap and not enough time there for them to get used to it. My niece settled much better at a small nursery when my sister put her in for a second day each week. So if you're planning on one day I'd give a childminder a go as it's a smaller and less rigid environment to adjust too for a short period of time.
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    I went for a CM - she was amazing. I wanted the home environment for him as I figured he'd have 12+ years in school, so didn't want to start that environment earlier than necessary. CM took DS to lots of groups for the social aspects, then did the drop off/pick up to Nursery class each day. Which then went to drop off/pick up for school.

    Her house was her job and she invested heavily in it. She had ducks, geese, goats, chickens, a sunken trampoline and other fun garden stuff for them. All for £3 an hour.
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  • My little boy, now 15 months, goes to Nursery. We had very little choice really as childminders didn't want to do the hours we needed, particularly the early drop off of 7:30am at the very latest.

    We chose a nursery near my OH's work originally, again, due to their hours and logistical reasons mostly - it was a lovely place too. Then, a new nursery opened on the way to my work and nearer to my mum, who often drops off/picks up when necessary. So, we're moving him to this new nursery in January. I'm sure he'll adapt to the change fairly swiftly, as he currently goes 2 days a week and has got used to nursery environment. Also, the new nursery is open from 7am, until 6:30pm, so much more flexibility too if required.
  • We chose a nursery (pre-school) environment over a child minder. But neither of my children enjoyed it enough that they would choose it over being at home ever. It was simply tolerated. In theory and hindsight, I'd choose a child minder.

    The main advantage of nurseries is their reliability. There is no illness or holiday cover to work around. But they are also a completely different environment. Child minders are a home from home and tend to be more warm & caring; nurseries are more like pre-school.
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    My daughter attended nursery twice a week for half days, we had a look at lots of childminders and nurseries in the area. Unfortunately here none of the chileminders impressed us that much, there was one we liked as she provided the most activities along with learning hours etc, however her home wasn't particularly clean and her size meant she couldn't physically do things such as sit on the floor etc, so as she was on her own we decides to no.

    I think we visited six nurseries in total, the downside of a few was poor outdoor space so they were a no. The actual nursery we chose is quite small, I would say it is in the middle of a nursery and childminder. There are four staff who carry out all roles, due to this ages are also mixed which is good. Each day there is story time and number time, independent play for older ones.

    The activities are
    Monday 1 petting farm. Monday 2 story time and general play at a care home.
    Tuesday 1 nature trail in the woods. Tuesday 2 art and messy play.
    Wednesday 1 sports. Wednesday 2 cooking.
    Thursday 1 play park. Thursday 2 sports
    Friday 1 every day task, so walk around town, go to the supermarket, watch some trains at the train station. Friday 2 play park.

    The only downside is flexibility, also in an emergency you would have to collect from an activity, but you know where they are and when which isn't a problem. The benefits, not closed due to staff sickness (can use cover staff) and no holidays to cover with alternative care.

    Different things work for different people, so have a look around and see what suits your little one best.
  • I guess it all depends on the parent and the child. Some find a childminder better because it is more homely and they develop that bond with them a bit like your child does with you.
    But nursery prepares them ready for school nursery and then reception.

    Both are great for socialising, yet I found that a childminder is able to give more attention, take the kids out on more trips etc.

    I agree about the illness though. If the childminder is ill you have no childcare. If someone is ill at nursery they can usually find a replacement or manage.

    I would look into both and then visit and get a feel about them before deciding. I would also see how your little one reacted.

    Also which would give her more peace of mind whilst she is at work?
  • I would opt for a nursery for a variety of reasons if the cost is similar. They tend to have more routine such as story time, toilet time, nap time and more adults around rather than just one. Once the baby stage is over I think that is a plus.
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    At three I'd opt for nursery -although younger than that a childminder as it is for three days a week.
    (which is exactly what I did with my son although the original plan was nursery from 9 months but I changed my mind once he was born and I went for a second look)
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  • BBC has just published an article that may be worth reading on this topic:
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    Your daughter maxwell have now decided which way to go, but I'll put my thoughts across. If the child is already 3, then there isn't too long before they start school. A childminder, especially one within the catchment area of the school the child will attend, will be able to help settle the child into school.

    Otherwise, you'll end up taking all sorts of holiday off during this settling in period. If the c/minder already does school runs, this can also help a child to get used to the school they will attend.
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