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Awkward relative present ideas please



  • pineapple123
    The cost of the gift is unimportant so how about a book of postal stamps, a pen or writing paper. Fleecy blanket, blanket wrap, shaw, foot muff etc. Anything need relpacing such as dustpan and brush or duster otherwise a small food gift such as tin of fudge. almonds or savory biscuits etc. You say you cant cook how about bringing a tea tray to her with food and drink she likes or buy her a pot of homemade jam chutney or pickles.
  • iammumtoone
    iammumtoone Posts: 6,377 Forumite
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    My Nan got like this as she got older, it is very difficult.

    Does she read? one of the best presents I brought my Nan was a large print book. It sounds like she doesn't have much time to read but even if she could manage a page or two a day it might be a nice escape for her.

    Is there anything you could buy her that would help her to look after her son? any accessibility aids that could assist with this or even something that would make her life easier. I sneaked a couple of accessibility aids as gifts for my Nan (had to take them out of the original packaging :rotfl:) and wrap them nicely. She wasn't daft she knew what they were but I think she appreciated the thought.

    My Nans feet would swell another gift that went down well was a pair of wide fitting slippers.

    As others have suggested a hamper of soap/flannel/shower gel. It doesn't have to fancy stuff just normal everyday stuff wrapped nicely. Or even a kitchen hamper washing up liquid/washing up brush/tea towel (maybe you could sneak a couple of aids into this, simple things like jar openers, easy use tin opener), at least some of it would get used.
  • curlywurly82
    What about a manicure from a mobile manicurist? Perhaps she would like an hour of pampering.

    Adullt colouring is also very popular, maybe she would findso e joy in a colouring book andnoce pencils -whs ones are good. It:s very relaxing and something you can pick up and put down without having to wait getting to an end of a row etc
  • Rummer
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    We got my gran jam and chutney sets they came in small jars which were perfect for her and she really enjoyed them. Tea gifts sets from Whittards are also good if she enjoys a cuppa.
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  • sheramber
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    Does she go to the hairdressers? A voucher for that.

    Does she shop in any local stores. Our local butcher does vouchers which a lot of people buy for elderly relatives. They don't have to spend it all at once.
  • MoneyMission2015
    I used to get my nan a puzzle book (which I know you said is covered), a lavender candle and some shower products every year. I'd then get her either a nightie, some slippers or a nice cardigan, depending on what other people had got for her and what we had all noticed were wearing out throughout the year. It wasn't much and it was pretty much the same thing every year for around 5 years but it was stuff she needed, because as she would always tell us, she didn't want anything at her age. Usually we would just have a little look on one of our visits to see if we'd noticed anything had broken, or was looking particularly worn out. We'd then discuss with the rest of the family and then all choose what we were getting for her and each of us get something different.

    I know the above are not that special or creative, but my nan always appreciated them and it was much better seeing those things being put to good use, rather than getting her something that I knew she would never use.

    The supermarket voucher idea is a good one too, maybe get her a voucher and then put a hamper together of a few food basics, like biscuits, tea/coffee, sugar, butter, jam, stuff that her and your uncle eat and she would have to buy anyway so will save her money down the line.
  • Gemzie121
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    DomRavioli wrote: »
    He can't speak due to his disability. We do have a form of communication, but it doesn't go as far as that I'm afraid.

    A blanket sounds good, she does say she's cold when I visit (the house is like a sauna!) thank you :)

    Aldi have heated throws in currently, one of those would keep her nice and warm, think they are £29.99 I bought one and I love it. Think they have them in a few colours.

    Im also a care assistant and I know from experience that a good hand cream is a must, caring rally takes it out on your hands, I personally like l'occitane ones, expensive but they are the best I've used. Maybe a nice set of hand creams would also be a nice gift.
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  • suejb2
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    You say she's a Man City fan, how about a pale blue bed jacket and/ or fleece blanket.

    A voucher for the hairdresser she uses.

    We have Ringtons deliver round here, maybe, you can look into that.
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  • bluenose1
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    For my elderly relatives I put together a food hamper filled with food they will use. I just wrap a cardboard box in wrapping paper, use cardboard to pad the inside out. Fill it with useful food and treats - iced Christmas bar, soup, tin of salmon, jam, port/ wine - everything I think they would use.
    A bit of shredded paper to make it look festive. Wrap in cellophane and it looks an expensive, thoughtful treat.
    Would have thought Man City would do a fleece blanket.
    As others have suggested a nightie, cardigan etc with receipt enclosed so she can return if necessary.

    Your poor nan, how difficult life must be being a full time carer at any age, never mind 80.
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  • Susie_Richards
    Some postage stamps and a Tesco voucher?
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