Forwarding e-mails if I change provider

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Seriously thinking of moving my phone and broadband as BT is so awful. However I have a bunch of e-mails (several hundred) that I need to keep is there any way of transferring these to a new supplier e-mail.

Also, is there any way of forwarding e-mails sent to my current BT account to a new account with a different provider?


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    Just post your old BT emails to your new email address or even better to GMail.

    Problem is that its unknown as to when your BT email box will be closed .
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    An off-line email program such as Thunderbird and using IMAP would be my solution.

    Then you could simply drag email from your old account to your new one.

    Also, now might be a good time to choose an ISP independent email provider.
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    I would set up a yahoo or similar account for these to be forwarded to and start forwarding them now.
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