Premature Internet Disconnection Moving House

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Just been talking to my parents who are getting on a bit now so not overly tech savvy, but can use the internet and my mum knows what LOL means.

They currently have a Sky Internet (ADSL) deal with the TV etc..

They are selling their house has jumped the gun and booked another internet provider.

Sky have now cut off their internet so they have no internet. The woman buying the house has said she has now cancelled with her new internet provider.

Sky are now saying they can not reconnect my parents internet, and it could take up to 3 weeks for them to be reconnected to the internet.

As a result my parents have no internet, and do not have modern smart phones either to tether the internet from.

My parents say they have complained to Sky. Although I do not know what was said, they have told me Sky are saying this is legal, and my parents do no not count even though they are the ones who are contracted with Sky.

Because of the bundle deal they have, I guess they also still being charged for internet, but its not that which is the problem. So much stuff now days relies on the internet it will affect them. Especially with dealing with the house move.

My question is to find out how could this have happened and if there is anything my parents can say or do to get the internet put back on, or get an apology\compensation from Sky for allowing this to happen without my parents permission.

In the meantime I am thinking of getting them a cheap smartphone and monthly sim card so they can tether the internet from that to get them by. Hopefully they can get a good mobile data connection where they live, as it has never been tried.


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    Booked another ISP reads as changed ISP at the present address . New provider would cancel existing .
    Or have they taken out a new contract at the new address in that case they would have had to cancel Sky themselves .
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    I am sure I wrote and explained that better.

    The woman buying my parents house has jumped the gun and booked their new internet provider using my parents address, and am guessing she had their phone number too. She did not have any other codes, or permission from my parents to do this.

    My parents did not know about this and did not cancel or move any agreements they had with Sky.

    To make things worse it also looks like the sale chain is broken, so the woman might not be buying it now either, and my parents have not yet requested\asked Sky to move the existing internet to a new address.
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    Did your parents not question why they were sent the 'sorry you're leaving' letters from Sky? I received 2 when I left, one for broadband and one for phone line.

    It says on the letters to get in touch if you weren't aware of the switch, so it was at this point your parents needed to call Sky.

    There is no requirement for any codes anymore. If Sky received a seemingly valid request from another provider, then they would have gone ahead with the disconnection. Unfortunately, once a phone line is disconnected it's not as simple as just switching it back on, so may well take 3 weeks.

    With the framework they have to work within, it would seem that Sky have done what was required of them, even though it turned out to be done incorrectly. Unless of course the new provider was also going to be Sky, in which case they should have noticed.

    When you sign up for a new ISP, usually one of the questions that is asked is 'Is this your phone line?'. If the prospective buyer has wrongly said it is, then maybe the compensation you are after should be chased from her as she is the one in the wrong here.

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