MSE News: Tesco launches instant price match guarantee

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Tesco shoppers will get money off their bills instantly if their grocery shop would have been cheaper elsewhere...
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Tesco launches instant price match guarantee


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    rogerblackrogerblack Forumite
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    Well, that's one reason for me to look elsewhere than Tesco.
    Last 150 quid shop I spent 7 pounds on branded stuff.
    And I only buy branded stuff that is sharply reduced - so the change is very negative for me.
  • ossieossie Forumite
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    Remember you need to have purchased over 10 different items on same bill before they price match!
  • ossie wrote: »
    Remember you need to have purchased over 10 different items on same bill before they price match!

    In principle, as I understand it, 10 items for this offer, not 10 comparable branded items.
  • Another marketing wheeze....Simples- just cut prices Tesco, seriously when are they going get it that people are fed up with these marketing /pr tricks
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    As always, watch how Asda & Sainsbury follow on any similar schemes they run. They will soon axe their own or change it so they give less discounts/codes to monetise.
  • robin58robin58 Forumite
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    It's OK I suppose to brand match.

    But I know Tesco do different sizes/quantitys on some products, so that will limit the savings further.

    But why don't they just sell the items at a lower price in the first place?
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  • VoucherManVoucherMan Forumite
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    Well it may stop a few of their 'loyal' customers leaving, but many of them probably aren't bothered that they're paying extra anyway.
    I can't see it bringing many back though.
  • photomephotome Forumite
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    wont get me back


    Any discount shoppers get is based on the total cost of the comparable branded items only.

    so not the difference back on individual items but an average of all branded goods you buy...i think
  • SystemSystem Forumite, Community Admin
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    Currently their price match coupons can only be used from the day after it was issued. Sly.

    Sainsburys brand match, you can use it the same day. So if you have forgotten something or paying for clothes, etc on a separate transaction, then you can redeem it then
  • minislimminislim Forumite
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    does this cover fuel? or is that wishful thinking?

    as tesco's near me is always the dearest supermarket around!

    yet they still have the sign "saving you ££££'s ever day" down the side of the filling station.

    thats not quite true then is it tescos?
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