Ideas for presents for staff

Hi all.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine where you are. I LOVE Christmas. Currently I manage a number of staff and I like to get them something small just to say thank you for their hard work. I work within a large public organisation so it is not as if I can give out bonuses or anything like that. Last year we bought mugs for everyone and put some sweets in - was about £2.50 I think per person and the cost was divided amongst 3 of us.

Anyone got any ideas? I like Christmas to show that you do appreciate those around you.
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  • springdreams
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    A Christmas themed bath bomb from Lush.

    A Christmas themed scratch card.

    A bauble for their Christmas tree.

    Long life hessian shopping bag with Christmas theme. Last year the Tesco hessian shopper had stags in two different colours - one green and the other brown. They also had small red Christmas hessian bags.
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    Smiles are as perfect a gift as hugs... size fits all... and nobody minds if you give it back.
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  • Magsnoodle
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    Thanks for the suggestions Springdreams.... x
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  • pavlovs_dog
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    a colleague brings in a cheese board, chutney and crackers for the staff in his department to enjoy together. You can buy mini truckles for £1 each - you could do a mini cheese and crackers gift if you want something that they can take away.

    mulling kit for wine or cider?

    Goodies for the staffroom - nice tea, coffee etc?

    The miniature bottles of wine are often on multi buy. One of those and a small box of chocs?
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  • Magsnoodle
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    Wow Pavlov's dog - these sound good too. Have a range of staff - mainly ladies - some drink some dont. Most on diets and are usually given chocolates by other people who they work for in their individual team. About 25 to buy for but do split the cost a little with others....

    I do the tea and coffee for a couple of the departments - well a little treat hamper really as they share their goodies but again not all of the teams do that....

    It is a minefield and I started it last year so need to do the same this year. ...
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  • celticcurl
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    For the women what about fabric shopping bags that fold up small into a pouch. With the charge for plastic bags they could keep it in their handbag and always have a bag ready for bits of shopping. I bought them for all my female friends and relatives a few years ago and they went down really well.
    Also perfume atomisers. They usually hold about 6ml. They're great for your handbag and for holidays. Get them from eBay. I've given loads as stocking fillers and they've proved popular.
  • MummyMoo
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    This year all my family are getting money boxes from me. I do themed presents every year so as not to buy the same things year after year for the same people as I found I was doing. Everyone I know knows me as being a moneysaver, so it also fits in with being personal, plus it shows that you care about their financial well-being in a way. You can get those can types from £1 all the way up to those gorgeous Pot of Dreams types for £6-10. And remember to start it off for them with any type of coin (my grandmother had a tradition of always having a 20p jar, so I'll just put 20p in each money box) :)
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  • TBagpuss
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    I would steer clear of gifting stuff from Lush - I think it is a bit 'marmite' - you either love it or hate it - their stuff tends to be incredibly strong smelling and can be quite overwhelming.

    I think chocolates are often a good call - even if people are dieting they can re-gift or share, around christmas.

    Flavoured coffee or fancy tea in a nice tin is another option.

    Reusable bags - these are gender neutral so definitely somethign you could consider, particualrly if you can get a range of different colours.
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  • grace68
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    this year i have brought some seeded gift tags, these are christmas themed tags with plant seeds embedded in them, off a certain auction site! i am going to hunt around charity shops for china cups, drill holes in them, carefully, fill a small bag with soil, and tie gift tag on with ribbon, if i can get cups cheaply i reckon its going to be less than £2 a gift!

  • C_J
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    That's brilliant, Grace.

    A few years back I bought some arabica coffee seeds from a certain online auction site (I think they were about £5.00 for 20 seeds) and grew small coffee plants to give to my work colleagues. They were slow to germinate and get started (I planted them in the greenhouse at about Easter time) but they'd reached about 10" tall by Christmas and made lovely (and inexpensive) gifts.
  • bluenose1
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    I saw some nice Christmas themed candles in a glass jar for less than £2. Can't remember if it was Home Bargains or B&M.
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