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MSE News: Green Star Energy launches 'unlimited' gas and electricity tariff...

in Energy
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Green Star Energy has this week launched the first 'unlimited' gas and electricity tariff for two years...
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Green Star Energy launches 'unlimited' gas and electricity tariff: But is it any good?


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    ConsumeristConsumerist Forumite
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    Wouldn't touch this tariff with a bargepole. Too many get-out clauses for my liking.

    Reminiscent of "unlimited" broadband and "fair usage" policies.
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  • csgohan4csgohan4 Forumite
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    Agreed, if your usage goes 'above' they will reassess the situation, meaning it isn't unlimited.

    Glad I didn't switch to Greenstar, unlimited just doesn't work unless your growing your own Cannabis farm.
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  • grumblergrumbler Forumite
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    Green Star Energy says it's an "unlimited" tariff, meaning you can use as much energy as you like while still paying the same price.
    However in reality, if your usage creeps above or below its electricity and gas limits, it says it will contact you and ask you to amend your usage. If you don't, it says it will consider moving you onto its likely more expensive standard variable tariff.
    What a nonsense!

    First it were mobile providers that with ASA's blessing perverted the meaning of perfectly unambiguous word 'unlimited'.
    Now it's some energy supplier upstart that is taking this even farther.
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  • If it was really Eat As Much As You Want, there will be a rush to extend the gas pipe and mains cable to the neighbours pretty quick.
    Followed by lots of exploding houses.

    Love to hear them explain what kind of customer they are looking for. Idiots?
  • DeadbeatDeadbeat Forumite
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    Maybe they're looking for customers who spend more than I do... my combined energy bill is £43.50 per month.

    23% cheaper than the supplier I switched from, which is nice.
  • AndyPKAndyPK Forumite
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    I thought it was an error on CSE when I saw the kWh price at 0p
  • Looks like Green Star are still working on this tariff.

    Whilst it is currently 'limited', they say they hope to change this next month.

    Anyway, I've tried their website using postcodes in the Esat Midlands region (as that is the region they give a price example for), the Midlands, and Eastern regions, ensuring all usages are within the current limits, and each time it come back with the Unlimited tariff is not available in your location.

    This could be a good option for some, but I think they have launched too soon. I would give it time for them to get their act together on this one before making any final decisions :)
  • AndyPKAndyPK Forumite
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    Not very responsible for a 'Green' supplier.

    Use as much as you like for £1000 a year.
    I would be leaving lights on, the heating up high etc..
  • AndyPK wrote: »
    Not very responsible for a 'Green' supplier.

    Use as much as you like for £1000 a year.
    I would be leaving lights on, the heating up high etc..

    It's not use as much as you like for £1000 a year - there are limits.

    You are required to provide monthly meter readings, so the supplier can check you are only using what you said you would.

    Failure to provide monthly readings and/or using more/less than the prescribed limits pro rata may see you getting bumped off this tariff.

    There are hopes to other versions of this tariff next month which will allow for higher or lower consumption than is presently permitted - but this will undoubtedly have different prices.
  • PincherPincher
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    I'm the one that actually provides eat as much as you want heating.

    I let out this flat in a building with a communal gas boiler set up for central heating, which is only switched on October to March. The developers actually put in heat meters, but different models as the building work went through different phases, so the building management cannot sensibly maintain usage data per flat for years.

    The gas is bought on a commercial contract by building management, which makes me pay in advance based on estimates, then makes adjustments based on actual usage, and the numbers can be split for accounting periods, and any number of adjustments can happen for a given winter. Obviously, this is never going to match up with the tenants moving in and out.

    So, it's far simpler to just say the rent includes heating.

    If you think about it, the winter months are better value, because you are saving on the heating bill you would have paid. Fortunately, I only have long term tenants.
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