This or last years models?

Looking to get a new TV and been eyeing up OLED's.

LG has just announced it's new 2015 OLED's which will be available next month.

Should I wait for the new ones or go for last years models at a bit of a discount?


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    I quite happily bought our Panasonic, knowing that a new model was due. This would have been much more expensive and possibly have more functions ,though we use few of the ones we have (It was selected for picture quality and looks). Also, the equivalent new range would not include the size we wanted.
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    If you are planning on getting 4K, then wait for the newer models. If you are just going 1080p, then last years models should be ok.
  • I know they're all making lots of noise about OLED, but before you get too excited about next year's models - have you checked the prices? OLED is still extremely expensive outside mobile phones and I don't think it's ready for consumers for at least the next couple of years, at the screen sizes we're used to.
    And of course - next year's models - newer, better (maybe), last year's models - cheaper, fewer features, any reliability problems can be found on the net.
  • Thanks all for the replies.

    Popped into John Lewis who confirmed that the new LG HD OLED is on there system but not yet available to actually buy till next month.

    Current 55" HD OLED can be had for £1500 and includes free premium installation worth £55. New one is listed as £2000 but might change. Haven't decided if I want 4k yet and there aren't any prices but was told they'll be a similar price to the current range. Think I'll wait a couple of weeks to see what the actual spec's are.

    My main reason for asking is that TV's last so long these days (even the guarantee is 5 years) that its best to buy what you want from the outset. Looking at the demo versions in the shop OLED does seem noticeably better than LCD. A couple of articles I've read say that OLED will be the de facto TV tech in a few years. Samsung, Sony etc are poo pooing it because they don't have the tech to make them apparently. Panasonic's one OLED's is made by LG!
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    Our new tv is a 'tiny' 42" and we cannot tell whether the broadcast is HD or SD, most of the time, so a higher spec would be wasted on us.However, I can easily tell if our son's 50" Samsung is showing SD content, even though it's viewed from further away.
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