Can I swap my Sky+HD box for a 2TB one I have from a friend?

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I have a Sky+HD box already and my friend has cancelled their Sky so they've got a 2TB box going spare. Could I use this instead of my Sky Box with no cost implications? Is it just easy to swap them over?

Thanks in advance.:)


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    rb93 wrote: »
    Could I use this instead of my Sky Box with no cost implications?

    Yes you can.
    Is it just easy to swap them over?

    Thanks in advance.:)

    You just swap over the box and your card. Then phone up Sky to pair your card with the new box.
  • Yep, there is a big market for second hand boxes on eBay - much cheaper than buying a replacement through Sky. The only downside to this is no 12 month warranty.

    I'm currently bidding on a 2Tb box which is collection only - ends in less than 24 hours and my bid of £10 is the highest. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a bargain! :-D
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    I swapped mine 2 months ago and didn't need to ring sky.

    Don't have phone line connected to the box, but I have got an Ethernet cable connected for on demand, so I would assume my card was paired with my sky box over the internet.

    From this page...

    Once you've connected your Sky+HD box to your broadband, to ensure you receive all of the channels that you've subscribed to, you'll now need to activate your channels.

    1. Turn to channel 106 and you'll see an on screen message Your Sky viewing card needs to be paired to your Sky+HD box. To pair them now, press SELECT.
    2. Press select on your remote and you'll see an on screen message Requesting pairing....
    3. After a few seconds an on screen message Request was successful. Your channels will be available shortly will confirm a successful pairing. It may take a few moments for your channels to become available.

    If you have any difficulty completing this step, you can also activate your channels online by signing in to Activate my channels with your Sky iD and following the instructions provided.
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    There's a reason the 2TB boxes are going cheap, they're far less reliable than the standard boxes. Sky are aware of a problem with them but given that there are relatively few about it's easier to keep replacing them than to find a fix. If you're paying £10 for one, or getting a freebie, that's a good deal. Just be aware that if it goes wrong you'll lose all your recordings.

    (Source - senior technical manager. He's escalated the issue but the directors are not interested.)
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