How much is your allotment?

Hi folks,

I'm doing some research into the cost of an allotment plot around the country. If you rent one, I'd love to hear how much you pay and how long the waiting list was to get it.

Many thanks for your help,

MSE Rebecca


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    Hi - we are getting ours this weekend after being on list for 9 years (apparently we came to top but as our phone number changed we missed out so had to go through list again).

    Cost is £30 annually for half a plot (5 rods I believe) with £5 per key extra

    London/SE England (Kent/Surrey borders)

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  • mine (half plot) in East Sussex is £12....:j

    waited 5 years
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    Full plot
    (250 sq m) - £58 per annum
    Half plot (125 sq m) - £29 per annum
    Quarter plot (62 sq m) - £14.50 per annum

    Discounts may be available for those in receipt of a state pension, unemployed, eligible disabled and full time students.

    Going up substantially for the next two years.

    Water Charges
    City controlled plots with water supply are an extra £18 per year for each full plot and £11.50 per year for each half plot.

    Ours is self-managed so the water charge is lower but there are gate key charges (if wanted) loo key charges (if wanted) and water tap key charges (you can just about get away without). Plus they now add a deposit (£25 I think) which goes towards clearing up if you leave the plot in a poor state but is returned is good condition.
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    Hi Rebecca,

    I'm part of an allotment group on facebook, it has over 10k members & a while back they did a survey on this very subject, I can't find the specific post atm however, here's a link to the group
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    Mine is £24 year, £5 for key deposit and £7 pa for lock up if I ever manage to get hold of one. It's 250 sq. m. and there are loads available. I only wanted half, but this was what I was offered and right next to a tap so I took it.
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  • Mine was a wooping £110 a year, hence why I sadly gave it up!!
    Nessy x
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    £26 for half a plot, plus water.

    Only had since last December.

    Love it!
  • Mine (which I'm heartbroken at having to give up) was £30 for a full plot at 200sqm plus a £15 key deposit. It was a private site in Glasgow.
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  • Mine was £36 per year for a half plot
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    Mine was £9.22 for a year - 75sqm. In theory there was no water so we weren't charged for it but there was a tap which everyone quietly used!
    Just had to give it up. When I applied I was working part time with a primary school child - by the time I got to the top of the list 5 years later I was working full time, DD was about to go to senior school, and I had gone from zero to 2 big dogs that weren't allowed on the site.
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