Ugg Boots from £62 delivered



  • milkydrink
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    ajdj wrote: »
    Also be careful, they may be genuine 'Australia made' but they are not Genuine 'Ugg Australia' boots as sold in Selfridges and worn by celebrities world over. You will find it difficult to get such a big discount off the genuine article.

    Genuine Ugg boots as worn by Coleen & co are NOT made in Australia.
    They are made in China.

    These are not real Ugg boots.

    This is to stop anyone else sending off money for what they think are "real" Ugg boots, not to rub it in with anyone who already has.
  • hm71_2
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    mug51 wrote: »
    Ugg is the generic term for a style of sheepskin boot, with wool as the inner lining and a tanned outer surface. So when boots are advertised as ugg boots they simply are what is in the previous sentence.

    If thats what your after your fine, that is exactly what SNUG Australia are selling, and they aren't fake they are what they are, sheepskin boots as advertised.
    Ugg Australia by Deckers Outdoor Corporation is the brand sought for, made famous by celebs. And costs a bit more.
    If those are the ones you're after i'm afraid that site aint selling them.


    From the image above:
    • Left logo - label on the boots sold by SNUG Australia
    • Right logo - the Ugg Australia brand.

    thanks for the info Kimevans but I think it has been established that ugg is a term for the boots etc...I think its a case of buy if your happy, don't if your not, my daughter wants pink ones available on the op sites these are not available on the other sites listed and she is happy with the labelling so she will spend her money on them. thanks again:cheesy:
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  • Thought I'd add my 2p worth...
    Ug, Ugh or Ugg boots and have been made in Australia for almost 200 years "We always called them Uggs, Smith says, "long before it was a trademarked brand." Brian Smith, Founder UGG Holdings, Inc. Los Angeles Magazine October 1st, 2001

    They may be branded Australian, but are probably(?) made in China like most things (these may not have lead in them). Anyway - think previous poster is right - buy if you want them! BEWARE - not only import duty, but handling charge from the Posty - they charge AT LEAST 5quid ONTOP of the import duty - I know - I've been stung for it a few time, DHL charged me 24.50 handling!!!!this was on goods over 400quid
  • mussgo
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    I wonder if mate of the OP has been invoiced for customs duty yet?

    I have decided to go for the New Zealand Sheepskin boots. Will order soon.
    So thanks to that poster for showing me that site! :D
  • beachlou
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    Got mine today-they are gorgeous!! Well made and so, so comfy!! They were delivered by Royal Mail this morning. Am I likely to receive an invoice for customs duty?
  • me4bargains
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    mussgo wrote: »
    I wonder if mate of the OP has been invoiced for customs duty yet?

    I have decided to go for the New Zealand Sheepskin boots. Will order soon.
    So thanks to that poster for showing me that site! :D
    I came home a couple of days ago to find a postcard from RM saying i have to pay £12 customs. Considering I ordered two pairs I'm ok with that.
    Can't collect them until the weekend though.
    Third time lucky on WW I hope :j
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  • I've just bought some Classic Tall's for £86.52 including postage and that's express delivery too!

    Plus at the moment they are offering this deal:


    aussiedirect_1965_158458trans_1x1.gifUGG Australia, Crochet, Wiltshire Logo, Tie Bow, Short Sundance II UGG Boots, Classic Short UGG Boots, Ultra Short UGGs, Tall Ugg Boots, Short UGG Boots and Tasman Slippers Australiadirect has them....So you can stop looking.

    Special Special Special...For our UK and US cutomers, for the rest of the month Australiadirect will cover the Tax and duty on all your UGG ® Australia purchases....we really are nice people to deal with.

    So no tax to worry about either! Can't wait to get them!

  • mussgo
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    I got the New Zealand ones (and they are made there!) cost was just over 61 quid for a pair of tall black ones, arrived a week ago.

    Nice and cosy, I shall wait till the cold weather comes before wearing them!

    no tax (as yet)
  • Hi

    DD really wants a pair for Xmas, could some tell me width of top the tall boot, are they quite wide or narrow fitting?

  • milk
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    I got my UGG boots today from Snug after ordering last wednesday can't believe how fast they came and how comfy they are. I have had no charges for import etc and the postie said I wouldn't because if I was going to get charged they would have kept the parcel until I paid. Also on closer inspection of the customs label it said value was 48 australian dollars even though invoice was 155 maybe this value has something to do with no charges?

    Well I'm happy with mine much better than paying £140 in the shops.
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