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I need to cut my expenses. I have already transfered my phone to a Giff Gaff sim, will be doing the same with my son's phone as soon as its out of contract.

I was stupid and entered into a contract for a phone for my ex. He rarely gives me the monthly charge. Still a little over a year to go. I did insist at the time that I needed the money every single month as I knew my income was going to fall while the contract was still in effect. I've asked him for it, he says he will pay it but rarely does. I didn't get anything in writing. Not willing to take him to court. I just want to lose as little as possible. I recognise I should have been more sensible.

I read that the law has/is changing to make it more 'reasonable' to buy your way out of contracts that you are not going to use (I'd cancel it ideally) which I would like to do but obviously not a lot of money to spare. Is there a way to end the contract without paying the full contract cost (prepared to pay what I have to but would be glad if there was some kind of discount as its not going to be used)?

If there isn't , no biggie, I'm no worse off but I am sick of being taken for a mug when money is so short!


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    If the contract is in your name and address etc., just report the sim as lost. EE will cancel the current sim and send you a new one.
    It won't cancel the contract, but will mean that the ex's phone service will go dead, so he can't use it.
    You can then either use that sim yourself, or it might just give him the kick up the butt required to give you the money that he owes you. Basically you hold the trump card and can cut his service.
    I'm not going to berate you for entering into the contract for someone else, as you know how daft you've been point rubbing salt into the wound.
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    Thanks, yes I do know this was very predictable. I am aware I could report the sim as lost etc but erm I'd be lying?
  • Im_just_careful
    on how difficult you wish to be to your ex.

    You could ask for a new SIM to be sent to you (disconnecting the old one) and port your number to the SIM.

    The consequence is that your ex loses their number for ever and you get to at least use the phone service element of the contract you pay for (thus avoiding whatever you pay for giffgaff). Realistically you have to pay the handset element for the contract term.

    Remember to stop the contract (and "port out" the number you put on the SIM) at the end of the minimum term.

    Your ex keeps the phone (no point in blocking it) but has to get a new SIM and "airtime" in whatever arrangement they choose.

    A variant of this is to get the replacement SIM and get the ex to pay whatever you are owed to get it back.

    Whatever happens I hope that you ensure that nothing else can be charged to the bill but the basic contract charges (phone the network to arrange this before you do anything else).

    Clearly this may not go down well !
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    Ok...don't say it's lost then...say it's no longer on your possession.
    Different words, same result ;)
    Whatever you do though, do it soon. You've effectively given him an open cheque to spend as he wishes, and you are solely liable for the cost.
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    or, "I need a new SIM to fit a new phone".
  • Im_just_careful
    One other thing, on balance it probably would be safest to go into a network store.

    It won't be the first time they have heard a similar tale.

    Get the new SIM, let your ex port the number to another SIM then port your number to it.

    You still pay for the handset your ex has but you control what is charged to the account.

    Then stop the contract at the completion of the minimum term.
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    It's your phone and SIM (well, technically the SIM belongs to EE). Tell your ex you can no longer afford to pay for his usage and give him 7 days to return it. If he doesn't, report it lost and request a replacement SIM.
    The only way of voiding the contract within minimum term without penalty is death or bankruptcy, but at least this way you know that you will only pay the minimum charge, and that he cannot run up huge extras. In the meantime, I'd ask EE to block roaming calls and premium rate numbers if possible to avoid any nasty surprises. At present he can run up a bill for thousands, for which you are 100% liable, so act now.
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    Block roaming, ask for a limit in the contract also as a minimum if possible. Give him a deadline and tell him nicely what you want him to do. I'd agree a week I'd reasonable.

    Then at an odd hour on the dining minutes of the 6th day cancel it before he has the chance to do something stupid. He will need to get another number. Don't be a door mat.
    The harder one works the luckier one gets!
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    Sound advice has been given
  • [Deleted User]
    The phone was barred, sim cancelled. He seems to be still using it though?
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