Water supply pipe leak advice

We moved into a house in June which is on a water meter. I gave readings after a month just so I get an idea of what charges to expect, this being the first time having had a meter.

The united utilities advisor was shocked as they stated that we had used around 160,000 litres of water so they asked us to do some tests, which we did. The fact that the meter was still moving when the stock tap was turned off in the house meant a leak between the meter and the stock tap.

An inspector came round and confirmed the same, however all they did was do the same test as me and they go they would find it hard tio check where the leak was. They go they use a contractor who will be able to find and fix the leak, however they only offer a single repair.

Now the contractor’s turned up and fixed the leak – or so we though. They blamed a join in the supply pipe next to the meter but they go they have used better joins.
However after 2 weeks I gave a reading so that we can be credited for the water used during the leak but was told again it’s the same, so did the test again and the meter is still moving.

An inspector is due out again Monday and I’m not sure what to expect. They have attempted a repair but only dug next to the meter and obviously haven’t repaired the leak.

I know legally after the meter is our responsibility, however find it very strange that we were also told the meter had been changed last year and the leak the contractor found is near this (but on our drive).

The contractor coincidentally turned up 2 weeks later to clean the drive as when the join case loose (when they flushed the pipe) the a huge amount of sand and rubble came up where they had dug and covered the drive. When they checked the meter they go there is a small leak. The test they did was the same as me, just turned the stop tap off.

I would appreciate any advice on what to expect and what rights I have in this situation.

Thanks in advance.


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    As you say they do one repair often free otherwise you pay .
    You are going to have to talk to the guy that comes out and see what they offer .
    Take it as you will have to pay but the might make an offer .

    Your house insurance may or may not cover the repair .
    Might be worth asking did the previous owner have this problem.
  • fizz07
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    Thanks for your reply

    The previous owner goes her month DD was around £50 so looks like she didn't have the issue but she did say the meter was changed last year.

    Surely the guys that have tried to repair have failed so that's not actually been repaired even though when the left they said they had repaired it.

    As for home insurance, they go they won't cover if its down to wear and tear, which I'm assuming this isn't as I thought water supply pipes would last a long time.
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    they did fix "a" leak though,you might have more than one especially if its an old lead or galv supply, read the terms of the repair scheme should be on the website
  • fizz07
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    deanos wrote: »
    they did fix "a" leak though,you might have more than one especially if its an old lead or galv supply, read the terms of the repair scheme should be on the website

    The guys that came to repair go that there was just 1 leak where joins had been. It's the blue plastic one, that been there since the house was built in the 90s

    Thanks for the tip on reading the terms of the leak repair, will look that up
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