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Hi, I am just wondering if anyone has any recipes they are willing to share for finger food/snack ideas for my 10moth old. We have a cook book and have tried a lot of things in there but only a few have turned out right and they all include lots of ingredients which then ends up going to waste as we don't use what's left. I have tried looking online but again they include expensive and lots of ingredients. I'm wanting things like, oat/flapjack bars, muffins, etc things that don't take long to make, are easy and cheap. My LO loves fruit and has a really varied diet and will eat anything at all. Any ideas would be very welcome! Thanks :)


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    At this point you just want them to experience a range of textures and flavours. Finger sandwiches are great for this - dairylea and marmite was a particular favourite of my friends little boy! Frittata is another great one - basically make an omelette with things in it, you can change it each time, then bake it in the oven for 15/20 mins, leave to cool and cut up- doesn't require a 'recipe' as you can change it to suit whatever you have in- I use peppers, spinach, tomatoes, ham, chicken, whatever.
  • That's such a cute thread title
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    Hummus with bread sticks and cucumber batons and fingers of pepper.

    Slices of toasted crumpet.

    Pizza cut into fingers.

    I used to do similar to the frittata, but cook in a very small frying pan. A few drops of oil and fry leftover cubes of potato, a little onion and then chuck in small pieces of ham/pepper/chicken. Mix a couple of eggs with some chopped parsley and cook until set - might need a minute under the grill. Can be eaten hot or cold. My daughter liked dunking hers in ketchup.

    Falafel - with hummus or tsatzicki to dip.
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    Given they like fruit, banana sandwiches? Apple slices. Orange segments. Celery sticks go down well at home, as do cucumber sticks or asparagus. Peanut butter sandwiches also good. Breadsticks go down amazingly. Too well in fact.

    Recipe wise - salmon or trout fishcake sticks went down ok but were also quite 'faffy'.
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    I went with fingers of toast-&-whatever & chunks of fruit & veg (the first pick of whatever I was planning to chop up to cook for tea!)

    Pitta bread is brilliant - you fill one for you, slice the most pockety ends off for young un & eat the rest yourself.

    Since you may not sell as dog food anything unfit for human consumption, you may want to see how young un likes dog biscuits to gnaw on?

    Personally I have a weakness for slices of dried mango. (Mango, sliced & left in the dehydrator overnight.) If you've never tried it, it maybe worth buying a packet & trying it whilst reassuring yourself that it's more MS to buy pre-dried mango *before* buying the dehydrator.
  • My granddaughter loves separate little pots of sweet corn, raisins and other dried fruit, strips of peppers (she doesn't like green ones), cooked pasta, small pieces of cheese (cut off the block, not the faddy expensive stuff designed for kids), small plain crackers, toast soldiers, jam butty soldiers, fresh fruit, cooked veg such as broccoli and cauliflower florets. She absolutely adores baked beans. Sliced mushrooms go down well (raw or cooked), and so do tomatoes.

    Mini omelette muffins are easy, just whisk eggs with a splash of milk. Add veg, lean meat, or cheese. Bake in muffin cases, gas mark 5 for twenty minutes.

    Digestive biscuits, maybe with cream cheese, make a tasty treat.
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    I just used to give my children whatever we were eating, I certainly didn't have time to make lots of different foods especially for them. And it was what everyone else ate, I didn't bother mashing it up - babies cope really well with normal food. It also meant that the children were accustomed to what the family ate so there was no need to change their diet again.
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    From six months onwards they can eat everything you can apart from honey and whole nuts - so the question is, what do you like snacking on too?

    We're huge pancake, scones, flapjack fans both sweet and savoury.
    Veg sticks with dips.
    Fruit kebabs.
    Meat/veg/fish balls.
    Frozen smoothie

    Like olgadapolga I've never mashed anything up for my kids. DD (2) is currently loving spicy noodles while DS (4) is sausage and chips mad, I miss the days when he happily ate TomYum soup.
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  • If you are looking for something different that the baby can hold, cut up potato cakes, eggy bread or savory pancakes (the thick american kind but with grated veg rather than sugar) work really well.
  • Also mine loved homemade potato croquettes.
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