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    Can anybody confirm if the cancellation period of 30 days can be cancelled itself?

    ie, I'm going to cancel in the hope of getting a better deal but, if they don't contact me, I want to be able to stop it actually being cancelled!
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    idrewuk wrote: »
    Can anybody confirm if the cancellation period of 30 days can be cancelled itself?

    ie, I'm going to cancel in the hope of getting a better deal but, if they don't contact me, I want to be able to stop it actually being cancelled!

    yes...you can cancel during the cancellation period.
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    All those who managed to get a reduced rate, make sure you go back and check your bills. I waited 2-3 months before I realized the new rate was not going to be applied and when I phoned up to complain they said the price offered was on their system but they couldn't do it at that price anymore and I was 3 months in to my new 12 month contract at full price!

    I got them to reduce the cost but it was still £5 per month more than we had agreed. I logged a complaint and was told it was my fault for not checking my bills!
  • Ive called them today to see if I can reduce my bill and its now been cancelled from 2nd march. I only wanted it Reduced abit not cancelled.
    Now I'm searching for other deals. Cant believe they wouldn't offer me any kind of deal on the phone. After being with them for 9 yrs.

    I never got offered anything after 20+ years. I'll never get their TV back again now.
  • Had to cancel a contract and sign up to sky to get a good deal (cancelling sky was easy).

    Ended up getting
    Xl tv
    L phone
    150 mps broadband
    Extra box
    Sky movies (no hd).

    All for 62 per month. Original offer was for 83 per month and the closest on sky of could find was 55 but wasn't unlimited broadband (and a 50 setup fee). Was happy to go with sky but for the hassle of changing an extra few pounds wasn't much. Also the virgin includes bt and had faster broadband.

    It was only the outbound retentions who could offer the deal though not the team you call up to cancel with.
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    Just did the disconnection dance with a very nice guy at Virgin

    Paying £66 at the moment for 70 meg broadband XL tv and a phone i never use.

    Had all my info laid out in front of me,for £50 with Sky but there Broadbands rubbish and no bt sports,also had the Virgin page in front of me saying if i was a new customer i could get the big Kahuna for £50.

    He said the best from Sky will be 40 meg i said that will suffice(though it wouldn`t)
    I asked for the big Kahuna for £50 for 12 months like a new customer no chance :)

    Manged to get a £50 credit ,upgrade to 100 meg, and my bill down to £61.48 till February then £64.48 for 18 months i would have been going up to £71 in november with the price increase,not bad when you factor in the £50 credit..Was no way i was getting anymore
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    I recently got fed up with my VM package. I have had 20Mb broadband, medium TV and a landline (supposedly free weekends and evenings) for years, but the price has really crept up. Usually I pay about £70 per month.

    Called VM, said that I am not up for being charged any more money because it is not worth it, especially as my old modem cannot work with a Wi-Fi converter and the TV box kept freezing up.

    I was told that my basic package costs £57. Really? Because I hardly ever make any phone calls during the hours when I would incur a charge under the terms and conditions of the evenings and weekends deal, and yet my bill is rarely under £70!

    The lady on the line promised me a TiVo box and Superhub 3.0 for a rate of £54 per month. The box and hub arrived fairly quickly and were a doddle to set up. It seems to be working on the bill front as well!
  • I just called Virgin Media (after reading this article, of course :-), and they offered me £9 per month off my monthly bill (for 6 months) + a better landline package :-) :beer::j:money::D:rotfl::T
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    What "better landline package" ? less LR
    free calls ?
  • So like a few i was annoyed at Virgin's Price rise, even tho i was assured when i renewed only 2 months ago my price was fixed for 12 month (which it wasn't) and even tho i was already on a Loyalty discount the rise would of been over 10% of my bill, after ringing the cancellation department and getting no where i told them to cancel my services as the person on the phone didn't want to know and wouldn't offer me any discount what so ever. Knowing that i have 30 days to cancel my cancellation, i left it and didnt bother ringing back,after a week i received a phone call from retention dept asking why i was leaving, and what they could offer for me to stay, ive got my bill £10.50 cheaper then the price rise will be (would be £36.50) for 12 month and a upgrade on my equipment free, just remember if they wont offer you what you want when you get through to the cancellation team cancel it and wait for retention to ring you back after a week or 2 and if all else fails you can also phone them to tell them your staying.
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