Upgrading newbie - will I be billed twice?

I have a pay monthly phone with Vodafone and my current contract runs until the end of January. I recently had a message from them saying that for a limited time I can choose to upgrade early if I want to. I've never upgraded before and I'm not sure what to expect. If I upgrade early, will I be paying for 2 phones at the same time until the contract on my current phone expires? Or will they just add extra time to my current contract? The wording on their site doesn't make it clear at all. I can't afford to pay for 2 phones at once and I'm in no desperate need of an upgrade, but it would be nice to have something slightly faster than my current phone. I know I could phone them to ask, I just don't really want to have to speak to pushy sales people unless absolutely necessary! :eek: Thanks in advance! :)


  • grumbler
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    No, you won't be paying for two contracts.
    However, early upgrades are usually of very poor value and yes, the remainder of the current minimum term can be added to the new one. Wait until you get close to the end of the minimum term - and you'll be able to get a better offer. Even better to shop around as new customers get better offers than existing ones.
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    Your current contract doesn't run to the end of January-your minimum term does. It then continues as before until you give 30 days notice.
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    I'd be loathe to agree to ANY deal unless I know it really IS Vodafone AND I have it in writing beforehand. Else you are in danger of joining the endless legions who don't get what was offered.
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    As above....they are too many third party companies who ring professing to be the network offering an upgrade and you end up with two contracts.
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    1. Only deal direct with Vodafone
    2. Even if you're sure it's Vodafone you're dealing with, don't upgrade early unless you've broken your phone and need a replacement NOW. Early upgrade deals are generally rubbish compared to what you can negotiate once your minimum term is up.
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    Dependent on your tariff you can typically upgrade up to 60 days' early with Vodafone:

    You can upgrade at least 30 days before the end of your plan – or 60 days early if you’re on a Red plan.
    Check to see if you’re eligible for an upgrade and see your options by logging in to My Vodafone . If you’re a business customer, contact Business customer services .

    So the fact your minimum terms ends in January makes me suspect this is third party offering?
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    Remember upgrades are most definitely NOT the network doing you some sort of favour. They are simply marketing speak for a new contract with a new minimum term (usually 2 years plus whatever remained of your existing contract) where the price paid covers the usage and the cost of the new phone.

    Wait until your contract expires and shop around.
  • Kitty_Muffin
    Thank you all for the advice! As tempting as it is to upgrade now, I think I will wait until closer to the end of my current minimum term and see what's around then.
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