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Hello, in October I will be the proud(est!) granny of twin girls!
I am a keen MSE user and will be keeping an eye on this forum for mums.
I have provided a fairly random list of baby clubs/baby sites for my daughter where she can get newsletters, coupons and freebies. There seems to be plenty, doing just a Google search, eg Boots etc on the retail side and blogs/diarys such as Emma's
Doubt I am missing much but would like to know which sites mums find most useful in terms of money saving and whether there are any other forums on MSE worth keeping an eye on plus what about Mumsnet - I haven't explored that, does it have a 'moneysaving' section at all?
Many thanks - am so excited! My daughter is a good moneysaver anyway but is going to have to be even more vigilant with twins!
Also wondering what sites people like best for buying second hand and what should be avoided second hand - eg you have to be sure a car seat has not been in an accident
Many thanks


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    A simple google search will tell you everything you need to know.
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    I've heard from several people that most baby clubs aren't worth it- the freebies are rubbish and the money off vouchers tend to be for top end/ unnecessary items. And you get LOADS of junk mail, both physical and email.
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    We still use the Hipp spoons five years later :D

    Sign up. When you get bored of the emails, you can always redirect them to your spam/junk folder. You get notified when the supermarkets have their 'baby weeks' which can be useful to know of offers in advance; and you might get some useful vouchers.

    Personally I prefer NetMums to MumsNet (but that's because David Cameron is pals with the latter).

    Our son had many things secondhand as we didn't have a stable income at the time - moses basket, cot, bumbo seat, high chair, bath, even clothes like sleepsuits and snowsuits. We did buy a new car seat (for obvious reasons) and his first buggy/pram was new, but the next one (bought because it folded smaller) came from a charity shop.
    :heartpuls Mrs Marleyboy :heartpuls

    MSE: many of the benefits of a helpful family, without disadvantages like having to compete for the tv remote

    :) Proud Parents to an Aut-some son :)
  • moneylover
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    DomRavioli wrote: »
    A simple google search will tell you everything you need to know.

    Dom, I had already done a google search as I made clear. But Google a blunt tool, why would we need MSE otherwise!!

    Thank you to those that have made useful comments
  • jennyhunt83
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    Hello, this may not be totally what you're after! but I am a mum of two and i love this site called as there's loads of great competitions all the time, yes you may not be guaranteed a win but if you become a VIP you get way more entries - so much more likely to win! i am a fan! also if you review something for them most of time you get to keep it, so i guess it's a good way to save!
  • tuggy
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    Hi try they track when every baby site has a sale on and let you know about discounts. From Amazon, marks and spencer, Asda baby events etc.

    Congrats on the twins!!
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    Hi I'm a mum of 14 month old twins and I joined TAMBA (twins and multiple births association) not exactly a freebie club (think its £2 a month) but you get money off in clarks and mothercare as well as lots of other random places that I haven't used. Clarks do a twice yearly double saving weekend as well so great when the twins will be in shoes as I think that is something else you can't really buy second hand as each child will wear in a shoe differently and they should be properly fitted. The website is also worth a visit anyway for the information and forum.
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    I've just discovered Emmas diary, not tried to use the vouchers yet but looks good. Just printed off argos vouchers too which will come in handy.
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    the only things really recommended not to buy second hand are matress' and car seats. However Ive only ever bought one car seat, mine have all been second hand and our moses basket matress was second hand too as we borrowed the moses basket from OH's sister.

    ebay is fab for second hand Im obsessed.
    Baby Swap Or Shop (I dont use it but know they sell second hand)
    and keep an eye out for NCT baby sales near you, we have quite regular ones every few weeks (well it maybe every few months but they seem to always be sign posted!)
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