Where do you do your grocery shopping?

Hi all, I was just interested to see where everyone does their shopping.

I love Waitrose, purely because of their customer service, quality and values. Sadly though, I don't have one close by so I don't shop there often :(

I'm often in M&S for lunch break foods, and of course sweeties! Their food selections are also very small really as it's mostly ready meals and not fresh foods as such.

I'm an Aldi's girl when I can be (not really one close but myself and my other half see his Mother on a regularly basis so do a shop to/from there).

I've tried Lidl (we're a 5 minute walk from one) and they do a lovely bakery section, but apart from that the whole selection of food is rather small.

My Mum does a lot of Iceland shopping, which I'd also do for some bits if I had one really close, wouldn't go out of my way to go though and I don't have much freezer space.

How about yourselves? :j


  • Petula
    Petula Forumite Posts: 194
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    I do the bulk of my shopping at Aldi :) I've got a small list of items that Aldi do not carry (branded mostly) which I get from Tesco or ocassionally Sainsbugs if they happen to be cheaper. I pretty much know the best prices I've paid and will pick up the odd item in B&M or Home Bargains if I'm in for something else and see a true bargain.

    Twice a year we fill our large standing freezer with meat from the butcher .... that's shopping, right? :rotfl:
  • Laurensalive
    Laurensalive Forumite Posts: 267 Forumite
    I have a Waitrose 5 mins walk away, but only use this store now and again. I use Lidl and Tesco. I do not have an Aldi close .
  • Kim_kim
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    My nearest shops are waitrose & Lidl.
    There is a sainsburys near my usual workplace & I pass a tesco on the way to my daughters.
    There is also an Asda & a morrisons not far from my daughters.
    I usually visit my daughter once a week, maybe twice.
    No Aldi near.
    I use whatever's handy.
  • Ferryboat_Woman
    Ferryboat_Woman Forumite Posts: 19 Forumite
    I shop online with Sainsbury's and top up at Waitrose
  • kerri_gt
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    I used to do a big monthly shop in asda and then top ups in tesco (though my local metro is rubbish) or Sainsburys.

    They opened a lidl in my town last summer and now I do most of my shopping there, generally smaller shops on a weekly basis. The range is ok and parking is free / easy which makes a big difference. I find less food gets wasted or eaten for the sake of it now.
    There is a new tesco relatively near me which also has free parking (and is next to a tk maxx) which I use for top ups and specific items. I also top up specifics in my local Sainsburys.

    Just noticed how little I now use asda, I might go once every few months for some treat items I can't get in lidl, I used to go for the YS bum scrum on a Sunday to save the pennies, but tbh I prob now spend less on my monthly food bills having switched to lidl as I don't pick up all those extra items while waiting for reductions.
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  • 20aday
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    I do most of my shopping at Sainsbury's. Granted Lidl and Aldi are cheaper but I've a significant balance on my Nectar card (even with the points reduction).

    I sometimes shop at Tesco too (if they send me vouchers for £X off a £XX spend) as I save my points towards Christmas.
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  • rockm87
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    I use Lidl all the time, you learn to adapt to their smaller selection of food, and I love it! It means I can just pick up what I want rather than fussing about offers, choices, or taking hours walking round a huge shop.

    I love it! and it halved my bill from shopping at tesco,...never looked back!

    for special cat food and coffee pods I use amazon.
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  • marleyboy
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    The bulk we get from Tesco. for fruit n veg we go the local greengrocer and meat from our local Butcher.

    We occasionally frequent Asda but usually for bits we have run out of.
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  • HappyMJ
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    Lately it's been with Sainsburys online shopping but usually my preferred favourite is Morrisons. If I could be bothered to go out shopping then Asda is across the road, Tesco is 300 yards down the road. However, I hate walking around a supermarket and I hate carrying shopping so only been to Asda once to purchase a baking tray.
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  • chella
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    I shop mainly in Tesco and Marks And Spencer, both are on my way home from work.

    I generally do a big online shop from Tesco for the bulky stuff and heavy tins and then I shop every couple of days or so for fresh veg and fruits.

    I only shop in Waitrose for reduced bargains. I just don't like it in there. I have an Aldi and lidl also but both feel really dark inside, no windows, again I never shop there either nowadays.
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